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5 Best and Cheap Nokia Smartphones

 5 Best and Cheap Nokia Smartphones - If you are now 25 years old, surely the first smartphone you will have is the well-known Nokia brand. This well-known brand is already familiar to Indonesian people, especially for the classic Nokia 3310 type, which has even gone viral throughout the world because it was considered strong enough for smartphones at the time. That is, as time goes on, Nokia is growing, even though there are news that this Finnish factory had gone bankrupt and was sold, even though it was sold, we still remember it as Nokia because it is the smartphone that has accompanied us until now.

5 Best and Cheap Nokia Smartphones
Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Now, the advent of the Nokia era now comes with its sophisticated smartphone and is somewhat different from previous years because in 2018 the Nokia brand has a very fierce smartphone and on this occasion we have prepared a Nokia recommendation that you must buy, friend.

Starting from the appearance that is stylish, cute, classic to the specifications that are really gahar and can make this smartphone no less good than Samsung and Google branded smartphones, besides that Nokia has a decent range and is not too expensive.

For the Android version, there are also many who use Android Oreo, well, it's mostly if Nokia is now up again and ready to compete again.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Review on September 5, 2018

Price $598

Included in the order of the best Nokia in 2018 that you can buy on the market, but considering Nokia this first recommendation is included in the most expensive option.

But on the plus side if you like the design of the galaxy s9 and you'll also get 6GB of RAM and 128GB of other advantages you'll always get the software updates clean and guaranteed.

Unfortunately this phone still uses Snapshot 836 which is equivalent to the old Nokia 8, has no headphone jack and no micro-sd card slot. You can get it for around $598

Nokia 8

This smartphone with a stylish design with a very attractive appearance is a cheaper recommendation compared to the products above.

As for the release price of around 499$, when the author reviewed it had dropped to 349$ in the UK, this smartphone allows you to store more files because of the expanded storage space besides that you will also get a dual camera and the processor is already using Android. Oreo, meaning if you choose a smartphone this is the best way to get a smartphone at a fairly cheap price, less than 700+ than as big as other smartphones in its class.

Nokia 6

price 279$

For those of you who are looking for a cheap smartphone, you have another recommendation, namely the Nokia 6, we really like this one product because the design is quite stylish, modern and supported by high and fierce specifications that provide better performance compared to competing products with similar price.

One of the advantages of this device is that it is supported with Android one software which means guaranteed updates.

In terms of the screen you will get a 5.5-inch screen with a modern ratio of 18: 9, and also you get a Snapdragon 630 chip to increase your daily work performance.

Nokia 3

price 129.99$

No less fierce Nokia 3 comes with pretty good specifications among smartphones at a very cheap price, unfortunately Nokia has just cut corners on the internal specifications and the camera is quite disappointing, but for the price you can get this cheap smartphone for 129.99$.

Nokia 3310

Price 59.99$

Finally, we discuss products that can make us nostalgic to play fun games in the 90s style, this old Nokia is indeed quite old school but this product is still very popular in the market for various reasons ranging from its strength which is quite good to being a review for YouTube channels so smartphones This one is a fairly rare game on the market, a cell phone that has resistance and a strong enough battery is the number 1 choice that can be used to communicate. You can get this smartphone for $59.99, but if the conditions in your area make this phone expensive you can get it for 5 times the original selling price.

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