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5 Best Android Game Maker Apps For Beginners

 5 Best Android Game Maker Apps For Beginners - Who doesn't have an Android in this modern era, there is good news for Android users, guys. For those of you who like to play games and want to try making your own game, you can try using this game maker application.

5 Best Android Game Maker Apps For Beginners

According to research that has been done, it turns out that the market for Android users is really big, you know. It is evident from the mobo market research that almost at least 43 percent of Android users have installed the applications they created.

If you like playing games, don't let this make you addicted and make you just spend money for granted. Try to use this as motivation so that you can create your own game, maybe this challenge is quite big.

But this challenge can bring in quite a large amount of money, especially if your product will sell well in the market. You can just sell this product to other developers or open google dev and offer it on the playstore.

Actually, according to the author's experience, making games is not difficult, especially if you already understand coding and its structure. As long as there is a will to learn and you are patient, you can definitely make your own game, because making games requires patience.

You must have experienced a lot of trial errors in the process of making games, especially if it's your first time trying it. The game I made used to be more or less about 1 month old, looking for references, objects and characters is a challenge in itself. Because in addition to coding, you also have to be able to design to improve the appearance of your game later.

5 Game Maker Applications for game makers that are quite easy to use

1. Salad games

The first game engine that we introduce to you is gamesalad, this game engine is suitable for beginner game makers. You can try this game maker application without coding, especially for those of you who don't understand programming languages ​​at all.

The advantages of this game engine include providing convenience for users, being able to create games without the code attribute used. Only by using tags and drop you can configure your game to your heart's content.

This app also allows you to become a developer who can make money from the monetization feature, you can add google admob ad code. Besides being easy to use, you can also make money from ads that will later appear in your game.

2. Game maker

Maybe this game maker application is already familiar to your ears, this game maker application has been around for a long time, you know.

Just like the game maker application above, this application also offers tags and drop just to make games. but you have to understand the structure of the programming language, even though its drag and drop features you also need programming language skills to use this application.

Game maker is designed for game makers with basic beginner programmers to create games without complex coding.

3. Unity

For you gamers, you must be familiar with the Unity brand, offering the best 2D and 3D based games but still quite easy to use.

This application is quite popular on PC, PS4 XBOX and Wii U, the number of top games that have been successfully created from this one game engine.

For those of you who want to try making games with Unity, you can try the personal version, this game engine is free and offers many features in it.


The next game maker application has a stencyl, you need to know that this application was actually famous in the 2000s era, carried the flash format and was threatened with extinction because of the presence of HTML 5.

This application allows you to make games with good quality without having to use complicated coding, the resulting output can also be imported to iOS and Android.

5. Gdevelop

Want to make the game simpler? maybe Gdevelop can be your answer, my friend, this open source game maker application is able to help you create games in a more simple and interesting way.

This application has the advantage that it can make your game real time without having to use difficult and complicated programming languages.

Because the method is quite unique and easy to use, you can make the game more interesting.

That's the 5 best game maker applications that are easy to use for programmers or beginner game makers. So which app are you going to use? don't hesitate to comment below.

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