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5 Canon Cameras at Low Prices

 5 Canon Cameras at Low Prices -Want to find a good camera but the price is safe on the pocket? Let's see the following explanation.

5 Canon Cameras at Low Prices

The camera is a tool that has become a necessity today, and not a luxury anymore. Because almost everyone has a camera to meet their needs such as vlogs, photographers and others.

In today's era, digital development is progressing so rapidly. Having a camera is important to capture certain moments. For people who like selfies, portraits and more.

Because to meet the daily needs of people competing to have a camera. whether it's from Android or Smartphone even a camera like a pocket camera or DSLR.

There is one product that is famous for producing cameras with good quality and the price is 1 million, namely Canon.

Canon cameras are popular in Indonesia with low prices. The results of the shots or videos have good quality compared to others. That's why many people are interested in using this best camera, such as pro photographers, beginners and amateurs.

Those of you who are looking for a Canon camera at a price of 2 million can see the list of Canon cameras. The following is a list of Canon Camera products at a price of 2 million.

List of Cheap Canon Cameras

1. Canon IXUS 140 Wifi Camera

Canon cameras with prices under 2 million, namely the Canon IXUS 140 Wifi. This camera has advanced features with WiFi and GPS connections. This feature will make it easier for you to share photos and videos.

For the GPS feature, it functions to tag the location where you take photos or videos which are then synchronized with Wifi. In addition, this Canon IXUS 140 Wifi camera has a 26 MP resolution camera sensor with A3 + photo quality images and is supported by the DIGIC 4 image processing processor so that the image is clearer and sharper.

The Canon IXUS 140 camera is also equipped with an 8x optical zoom feature so that when taking pictures from a distance and zooming in, the results are sharp and not blurry. Then the Intelligent Image Stabilizer feature which ensures the quality of photos or videos is clearer, sharper and detailed. There is a PureColor IIG LCD display technology, images and rendering have a high resolution of up to 460,000 dots. While the video with 720p HD quality.

You only need to spend 1,140,000 to get this Canon camera.

2. Canon Powershot SX 170 IS . Camera

The Canon Powershit SX170 IS camera is no longer in doubt to handle the features in it. One of them is an optical zoom feature that can be enlarged up to 16x without blur. Wow Amazing!

No wonder the Canon camera brand is a reliable and well-known camera manufacturer in the optical field. This camera has an 18mm wide angle lens which can increase up to 448mm. So it is able to take pictures with a long range. In addition, there is also a 16 MP CCD camera sensor, which can produce sharp, detailed and clear images.

The existence of the High Speed ​​Auto focus feature which is fast in taking pictures and spontaneous ideas can be done in a short time. There are many other features that are very extraordinary. You can get this camera for a price of around 1,700,000

3. Canon Digital Camera PS-A2600

The next camera with a price below 2 million is the Canon PowerSHot PS-A2600. This camera features a 16 MP resolution camera sensor and object scanning up to 5x optical zoom plus 10x on a 28mm wide angle lens.

This camera is quite light when carried everywhere. It has a luxurious metal appearance with Face Detection capabilities on a 7.5 cm LCD screen. In addition, it features Smart Auto and Digital Image Stabilizer which can take clear and sharp images without blurring. As for the video with 720p HD quality. The price is around 1.350.000 only.

4. Canon IXUS 175 . camera

The next camera is the Canon IXUS 175 camera at a price of  1,250,000. Despite the low price, the features in this camera are no less interesting than other cameras. This camera has a sensor with a resolution of 20 MP, the ability to enlarge objects up to 8x optical zoom and the DIGIC 4+ image processor to produce fast, sharp and clear images.

While the video is produced with a clear HD 20p resolution with a frame rate of 25p which can be seen on a 2.7-inch screen with 230,000 dot pixels. In addition, there is also a 28mm wide angle lens feature so that it is able to take wide and large images such as landscape photos.

5. Canon IXUS 160 . Camera

This stau camera costs around 1,140,000. Wow that's cheap huh? This camera has body dimensions of 9.5 x 5.4 x 2.2 cm and weighs 127 grams. So it's lighter when you take it for traveling or blogging. This camera has a high resolution of 20 Mega Pixels.

In addition, there are features of 8x optical zoom and 16x zoom plus so that the resulting image is clear or blurry. This camera is also ISO 100-1600 with a focal length of 5.0-4.0. While the video results with 720p HD quality.

So, those are the results of a review of 5 Canon cameras with prices under 2 million that you can choose to vlog. No need to be expensive if there is a cheap one with a quality that is not much different. You want to be able to capture precious moments with minimal funds.

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