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7 Best Latest Moba Games For Android

Lately, a lot of mobile games with the Vattel Arena or MOBA Online Multiplayer genre have sprung up. Since the famous Mobile Game Legend and AOV. This MOBA game is very popular with gamers.

Because it's fun and you can hang out with friends at the same time. In addition, the MOBA game is quite challenging to play. You can also play MOBA games on Android. There are several MOBA games that can be played. So, here are some of the best Android MOBA games that you can play either online or offline. What are they? Let's take a peek at this popular MOBA game.

7 Best Latest Moba Games For Android

List of Best MOBA Games For Android

1. Garena AOV - Arena Of Valor

The MOBA game that you can play is Arena of Valor. AOV has many heroes that you can choose to beat your opponent. The good thing about playing this game is that you can get opponents that match your level. So, you don't have to be afraid, noob.

2. Mobile Legends

This Moba game is also very popular among gamers. Mobile Legends has many interesting heroes and skins. It is proven that this Moba game has tens of millions of users. So it's no longer strange if the Mobile Legends game is classified as the best game. The fun thing is that it can be played with friends in multiplayer mode.

 3. Clash of Clans

COC is one of the famous MOBA games and is widely played by gamers. Here you will work with other clans to form an alliance with Reman. In addition, you can fight to improve skills which will later be useful against attacking enemies. You also choose various characters. Of course, this game is very fun to play.

4. Clash Royale

This game is still in the same production with COC which is more MOBA impressed. Clash Royale has several interesting advantages. For example on the characters that you can have. In improving your character, you have to compete so you can increase your level while also getting lots of interesting characters.

5. Hereos Evolved

This game is a MOBA game that is quite fun to play. This MOBA game is produced by R2Games. Just like in other MOBA games, you have to fight in three lines with 5 heroes to destroy the main tower in the middle. Uniquely, this game has a fog of war feature that is not owned by its competitors.

6. Heroes of Order and Chaos

The MOBA game released by Gameloft is one of the best war games. This game managed to steal the attention of gamers to play it. This game has 3V3 or 6V6 player mode. Similar to other MOBA games, there are many hero characters with unique and different skills. The game also doesn't need a lot of space and can be used on any cellphone.

7. Plants War

This game is very unique because it uses the same concept as LEague of Legends and DOTA. In the release of the famous publisher, Game Evil. This MOBA game is quite simple and fun to play. In this game the characters are selected from various plants. The characters also have unique abilities. The good thing about this game is that it doesn't take up much space and is one of the most popular MOBA games by gamers.

So, those are some MOBA games that you can play with friends or girlfriends. This MOBA game is the best choice and there are many heroes that can be your choice. You can also play MOBA games on Android. Can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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