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7 Countries That Restrict To Ban VPN Use

 To maintain privacy and security, you will usually use a VPN service to get better results. By using a vpn service, your internet connection will be well encrypted so bad people can't monitor or hack you easily.

7 Countries That Restrict To Ban VPN Use
7 Countries That Restrict To Ban VPN Use

An internet connection using a VPN is usually very good to use when you are accessing public WiFi. In this location the importance of using a VPN should be considered more because you are online with a lot of people. Using a VPN will be very good for keeping your personal data safe.

But it turns out that there are several countries that prohibit their citizens from using VPNs or restrict their citizens from using this one service.

7 Countries That Restrict VPN Use

The following is a list of 7 countries that restrict or prohibit their citizens from using VPN services.

1. Belarus

Launching the top 10vpn website, this service is categorized as illegal in the country of Belarus, this is because the government views VPNs as weakening the law. In addition, this country also blocks all applications related to "free browsing on the internet" such as tor (The onion routing).

As for the limits, it is still unclear to what extent the government limits the use of VPNs in their country, but since February 2015 the use of VPNs has been considered illegal in that country. For those of you who are caught using a VPN, get ready to be fined in this country.

2. China

Using a VPN without a license in China is illegal, you could be fined 15,000 yuan (Rp 31.6 million) if caught.

Actually this country does not prohibit the use of VPN services, but only restricts and authorizes VPN services that are legal or illegal. Therefore, VPN service companies in China must obtain strict permissions in order to run their applications in that country.

3. Russia

Just like China in Russia, you also have to pay a fine of 300,000 RUB or around 73 million if caught using an illegal VPN service.

Meanwhile, VPN companies that do not have a license to operate in that country can be fined 700,000 RUB 172 million.

Actually, it's not forbidden to use a VPN, but you have to choose an official version that can only be used.

To strengthen this rule, Russia reportedly blocks VPN sites from outside that offer VPN products in their country.

4. North Korea

North Koreans are strictly forbidden to open foreign media, therefore VPN services are considered illegal in the country.

The punishment given is still a question mark because it is very closed, not only citizens who are not allowed to use VPN services. Foreign diplomats who are currently in North Korea are prohibited from using this free internet service.

5. Turkey

Since 2016 the Turkish government has restricted its citizens from using VPN services. Many VPN sites are blocked there.

But for the legal version, Turkish citizens are free to use it, the Turkish government deliberately allows its citizens to use a VPN to fight terrorism.

6. Turkmenistan

Illegal VPNs are used in Turkmenistan, in 2015 the government intentionally blocked the VPN services that offer their products. This is done to censor foreign media, worse if you use a VPN it will be detected by the system in the government.

This is because the government charges a very high price to prevent people from using VPNs.

7. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Only legal VPN services are allowed to be used in this country, meaning you must use a VPN that has been approved by the government.

The policy of using this VPN service has existed since 2012, this prohibition was carried out so that people did not use social media services such as Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.

So, those are 7 countries that restrict and don't allow their citizens to use VPN services. Fortunately, in our beloved country, we don't limit the use of VPNs, so we can freely browse the internet more freely.

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