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8 Simple Ways to Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus

8 Simple Ways to Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus

 8 Simple Ways to Prevent the Spread of the Corona Virus - The Corona virus is increasingly spreading in various countries. No wonder many panicked with the appearance of victims who died from this deadly virus. It is estimated that the Corona virus has spread since 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this outbreak as an international health emergency.

There are ways that can be done to prevent and avoid the spread of the corona virus. Well, here are some ways to avoid the spread of the corona virus in your environment.

1. Corona Virus Spreads Through Body Fluids

You need to know if the spread of the corona virus occurs through body fluids. Like saliva when sneezing touched by the body and breathing. This virus spreads similar to the spread of the flu. Therefore, wherever you are, you must wear a mask. If someone coughs or sneezes, avoid that person.

2. Ensure the Environment is Clean

WHO says that preventing the transmission of the corona virus is simple. You make sure the surrounding environment is clean and hygienic. For example, by cleaning with a disinfectant and providing hand sanitizer in public places. Always remember when doing all your activities, make it a habit to clean yourself, for example washing your hands, changing clothes after traveling.

3. Prepare Tissue and Mask

The most important thing to prevent the occurrence of contracting the corona virus is to wear a mask in public places. Don't forget to provide wet and dry tissue. Serves to clean the dirty part, before you touch it. Avoid open trash cans. Because the cleanliness of the air and the environment prevents the spread of the corona virus.

4. Rest If Your Body Is Not Fit

If your immune system is weak, it would be nice to stop your activities for a while until you are completely healthy and fit. Why should it be like that? because of the way COVID-19 spreads through the flu and cough. It's even more torturous if you are clean and persistent in doing activities.

5. Avoid long trips

WHO advises not to travel abroad for a while. One of them is work, it would be nice for the company to understand this. Do not be too long to be active in public places and crowds. You have to be aware, so you don't get infected with COVID19. If you feel any symptoms of a mild cough or low-grade fever (temperature 37.3 C or more) seek medical attention immediately. These symptoms last for 14 days.

6. Maintain Body Endurance

The most important thing is to maintain immunity. If the immune system is low, then all kinds of viruses will automatically attack the body. To maintain body immunity, you only need routine activities that are quite simple, such as exercise, nutritious food and the need for vitamins, minerals.

7. Cooking Meat and Eggs Until Cooked

For those of you who like undercooked food, stop this habit first. This is to prevent the spread of COVID19. Why is that? Because COVID19 uses animals as vectors to infect humans, when meat is not properly cooked. Therefore it is most important to pay attention to the level of doneness of the meat.

8. Reduce Contact with Sick People

In addition to regularly washing hands after doing activities. Another way is to prevent contact with people who are sick, for example coughing, fever and sneezing. This is to avoid fluids from people who are sick with the flu and cough. If you feel unwell, wear a mask when you leave the house. So that the illness you are experiencing does not spread to those around you.

Well, that's how to prevent the corona virus from attacking our bodies. Maintaining immunity is very important to prevent the corona virus. Keep up the nutritional intake and bask in the sun. If you want to go abroad, it is better to consult an official health service.

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