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Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment

 Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment - Anxiety is a type of emotion as a natural response of the human body. However, that feeling of anxiety can also be a nuisance, if it is experienced too often, excessively, and there is a number underlying cause. In the medical world, such a condition is called an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety Disorders, Symptoms and Treatment

When to Get Treatment

People World Health Organization suffer from anxiety disorders often become worried about everything. Even when he is in a reasonable state or not in danger, he feels anxious. For severe events, anxiety disorders will interfere with the sufferers daily activities. Then, when should this anxiety disorder get treatment?

Anxiety disorders are certainly not a trivial situation. If the following things are experienced then do not wait for the time to immediately contact a psychologist or psychiatrist for treatment:

• Always afflicted with feelings of worry, to the point of hindering daily work.

• Feelings of worry, anxiety, and anxiety suffered that can not be controlled.

• Suffering from prolonged stress, dependence on alcohol, taking narcotics, or dealing with other mental health disorders.

• Desire to hurt oneself to the point of planning to commit suicide.

To note if the anxiety disorder that is felt can not heal by itself. In fact, it can get worse with time if the patient does not get help quickly. So that patients do not need to hesitate to consult an expert before the symptoms of anxiety disorders get worse. Treatment and recovery steps become easier when the patient gets medical help as early as possible.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

There are two important ways of treatment in dealing with this anxiety disorder. It is a psychotherapeutic approach and the use of drugs. The following is an explanation of each of these treatment methods:

• Psychotherapy: is the main treatment option in dealing with anxiety disorders. This treatment offers a variety of methods, but the most popular is cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy focuses on the correlation of problems, thought patterns, and behaviors. With this therapy, the patient is expected to be able to open up and tell about all the complaints they have experienced. Then the patient was guided and invited to find the core of the problem to be overcome and the final goal to be realized.

• Medications: in addition to psychotherapy, doctors can also prescribe certain drugs to relieve anxiety, such as giving anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. It should be noted that anxiety disorders are similar to other medical conditions. This condition cannot be eliminated immediately because it requires a long process and time. So that the actual condition of the patient must be known well before applying the appropriate treatment method.

In addition to psychotherapy and drug consumption, the following simple steps can be done at home to help reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders such as:

• Meditate, perform worship according to beliefs that are useful for calming the mind.

• Take a warm bath that will relax the tense muscles of the body.

• Exercise regularly every day with a duration of 30 minutes. This step can relieve anxiety, make the mind calm as well as make yourself confident.

• Massage therapy utilizing essential oils, aromatherapy therapy before bed.

• Often work on a hobby that interests you or try something new that is interesting.

• Exchange stories with the closest people, such as relatives, wife/ husband, or close friends.

Now we understand more about how anxiety disorders are. If you are experiencing the symptoms described above, it is better to contact your doctor or psychiatrist to get recommendations for the treatment you need. Strong will and discipline to undergo treatment of course the healing will be quickly achieved.

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