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Be wary of choosing drug rehabilitation

Most people may think that drug addicts who follow drug rehabilitation only spend state money when they use government rehabilitation centers. Unlike that, drug rehabilitation either in government or private institutions is in fact very beneficial for addicts. However, for private institutions, participants must be wary of choosing drug rehabilitation.


Be wary of choosing drug rehabilitation

Stages of Drug Rehabilitation

Drug addicts no matter what the situation is, they are still the nation's children who must be protected and healed. You don't have to think about profit and loss when you want to include addicts in a rehabilitation program. Drug rehabilitation in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi is really good for those who are addicted to illegal drugs. To understand, there are three stages of rehabilitation for drug users, namely as follows:

- Stages of medical rehabilitation (detoxification): For this first stage, the user will be checked for all of his health from the body to the psychology which is handled by professional doctors. Later the team of doctors will determine whether the user should be provided with certain types of drugs in order to suppress the effects of withdrawal or withdrawal that may be experienced. The administration of drugs is usually determined by the type of drug and the severity of withdrawal. For this action, doctors must be sensitive, experienced, and have expertise in recognizing the effects of addiction to illegal drugs.

- Stages of non-medical rehabilitation: at this stage of rehabilitation, users will participate in special programs including therapeutic communities (TC), 12 steps, religious programs, and several other useful programs.

- Stages of further development (after care): this stage the user will be presented with various activities according to their talents and interests in completing daily activities. Users can go back to school or work but are still under the supervision of officers.

At each stage of rehabilitation, continuous monitoring and assessment of the user's recovery process is required. It is better if users find it difficult to get away from the temptation of drugs then they can consult the authorities. Do not let the desire to use drugs reappear. Besides being able to damage physical health, of course, this action will lead to a heavy legal process.

Drug Rehabilitation Ashefa Griya Pusaka

Introducing Ashefa Griya Pusaka, a drug addiction rehabilitation center that has been established in several places. Drug rehabilitation program is an activity or process to help victims of drug abusers (Narcotics, Psychotropics, and other Addictive Substances) or drug addicts to achieve maximum physical, psychological and social abilities.

At Ashefa Griya Pusaka, the drug rehabilitation program is carried out in an integrated manner and handled by certified professionals. Each client will receive therapy using the Individual Treatment Plan method exclusively, also with premium facilities that will support the maximum and optimal recovery process.

Drug rehabilitation at Ashefa Griya Pusaka consists of four complete programs which include:

- Screening Program: The initial process to identify the patient's risk of substance use.

- Assessment Program: A series of examinations to identify the severity of the patient's addiction.

- Observation Program: as a follow-up to the assessment to get a detailed picture of the problems faced by the patient.

- Intervention Plan Program: at this stage psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and counselors collaborate to identify patient needs and determine the appropriate rehabilitation program.

The drug rehabilitation program at Ashefa Griya Pusaka consists of inpatient services and then an outpatient program. For hospitalization for drug patients at Ashefa Griya Pusaka will undergo:

- 28 days 1 : participants receive medical assistance as well as basic knowledge of addiction, substance use, dealing with relapse, until the next recovery plan.

- 28 days 2 : participants receive therapy and education to follow up on other conditions as a result of drug use.

- 28 days 3: the patient gets therapy and in-depth knowledge about other conditions that arise as a result of drug use.

As for the outpatient program, Ashefa Griya Pusaka offers a recovery program for addicts, abusers and victims of narcotics abuse which consists of:

- Intensive: 12 - 24 meetings in a time span: 45 - 60 days with 2 sessions per week and 1 - 2 hours per session.

- Regular : 8 - 12 meetings in time span: 45 - 60 days with 1 session per week and 1 - 2 hours per session.

Ashefa Griya Pusaka also has a WELLNESS & HOLISTIC program. Holistic therapy is a form of non-medical treatment with the aim of balancing the mental state, body, and mind.

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