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Benefits of Whatsapp Business

Benefits of whatsapp business - Technology is growing rapidly, more and more various innovations emerge to be used as a solution to complicated cases. With a new breakthrough, Whatsapp introduced Whatsapp Business to support the performance of MSME actors. Then some people ask what are the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business compared to ordinary Whatsapp?

Before moving on to a review of the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business, you must recognize that in 2018 Whatsapp launched the Whatsapp Business feature which aims to facilitate communication with customers.

Benefits of Whatsapp Business

Not only that, Whatsapp Business appears to realize the dreams of small business actors to have good personal branding for their products. Thus, providing convenience to continue to actively talk to customers. From here, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business.

Want to know more about Whatsapp Business? Follow the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business in this tutorial.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Whatsapp Business

Like Instagram and Facebook, now Whatsapp also provides a new breakthrough with the presence of Whatsapp Business. Indonesia itself was included in the ranks of the early Asian countries that could use the Whatsapp Business application, before the Whatsapp Business application was specifically intended for online entrepreneurs.

The presence of Whatsapp Business clearly wants to share benefits for MSME business actors in Indonesia, because it is hoped that MSME actors can be more communicative to customers. Whatsapp Business wants to share some features that are different from ordinary Whatsapp. So from that, don't be surprised if there are questions about the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business which has many benefits provided for the growth and success of the business you are running.

Benefits of Whatsapp Business

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business must be tried separately. That way you can see the advantages of Wa Business as one of the tools that can help you to improve the business that you are starting, or already running.

Because Whatsapp Business provides many benefits with the presence of various features that can make it easier for you to achieve success in business.

1. Business Profile

As a solution for business activists, of course Whatsapp business has features that can support your business to make it look more elegant with branding through this business profile.

The identity of a business in a business profile is loading data over the store description, operating hours, store addresses that can be integrated with google maps, product or service catalogs offered, to other connecting accounts such as social media, web or email.

Don't forget that the Whatsapp Business business profile will also contain a business logo, this is useful for supporting business professionalism.

2. Auto Message Feature

No less interesting, Whatsapp Business provides 3 automatic messaging features that can be used to improve business performance in talking to customers. The trick is also quite easy, you just need to login to your Whatsapp Business account. After that you can immediately choose the 3 automatic message features you want, namely:

Away Message, you can use this feature to automatically reply to messages from customers, so that if you are replying to messages from other customers automatically you can also reply to this customer.

Greeting Message, this feature is useful for greeting or welcoming your new customers via automatic messages. So, this feature can make it easier for you to help promote your new materials.

Quick Replies, this feature is useful for sharing message replies to customers with the same problem. The trick, you can create some of the messages that many customers ask. After success, you just type the slash symbol (/) for quick replies, so you can save the time you have to think about other things.

3. Customer Interaction Information Statistics

The advantage of Whatsapp Business on this one is to help you with this information analysis service to monitor the message statistics provided by this application. With this service or feature, you can receive detailed data related to customer interactions such as the number of messages received, sent, sent or read.

Thus, making it easier for you to design the next sustainability strategy to increase the business you have.

4. Message Group

So far, of course, you have understood not what WhatsApp Business is, which can be seen from its advantages, one of which is message groups. Where Whatsapp Business provides features that can make it easier for you to group messages. Messages that can be grouped include new messages, leads, paid, pending payment, and messages have ended.

5. Consumption of No Office or Business

A feature that is no less interesting is that you can register or use an office or business phone number to register, in contrast to a regular Whatsapp account which can only record with a cellphone number.

Displaying the appearance of an office or industry number, of course, will make the business you run look professional and also you can help you make good management because it is not mixed with individual numbers.

6. Guaranteed Security

Whatsapp Business will make the business you run appear more trusted, with end-to-end encryption and two-factor-authentication (2FA) security on the Whatsapp Business application that will guarantee your chats with customers.

7. Account Verification

Confidence and reliability increase when your Whatsapp account has been verified. Whatsapp will verify your business account via the phone number that you have registered, so you will be given a green check on the verified Whatsapp account.

Such are the advantages of Whatsapp Business, next you will read the disadvantages of Whatsapp Business to share what knowledge should not be tried when using Whatsapp Business.

Disadvantages of Whatsapp Business

Have quite understood what Whatsapp Business is through this post description of the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business? Oh yeah, I don't remember, the lack of Wa Business is quite a bit but it must always be observed carefully so that there are no things that harm the business you are running.

1. Business Name Can't Be Changed

When registering, pay close attention to choosing your business name because Whatsapp Business cannot be renamed after you download the Whatsapp Business application on the App store or Play Store and register it. So, make sure your business or business name is correct and appropriate.

2. No Whatsapp Business is different from ordinary Whatsapp

For those of you who are still working with random information or don't distinguish between individual information and business information, then you can't use Whatsapp Business yet. Because the use of Whatsapp Business can only be tried with a different number from ordinary Whatsapp.

So, you can always use both Whatsapp applications in one phone but with different numbers.

Yup, right. Indeed, the shortcomings do not appear to be significant, let alone only a few and can be predicted by other methods. However, this matter must always be observed so that no matter how small the deficiency does not limit the progress of the business you have.

So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Business that you can feel. So, it's time for you to shift and make optimal use of the use of this rapidly growing technology. The payment for Whatsapp Business is also not quite expensive, because you only need internet capital to be able to use this application.

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