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What are the Physical Characteristics of Someone Using Psychotropic Substances?

 What are the Physical Characteristics of Someone Using Psychotropic Substances? The use of psychotropic substances can cause dependence or addiction. Dependence on a substance occurs when the person finds it difficult to stop using it. What is the physical identity of a person who uses psychotropic substances?

What are the Physical Characteristics of Someone Using Psychotropic Substances?

What is a Psychotropic Substance

Psychotropics are chemicals that act on the central nervous system. This substance will modify several biochemical and physiological processes in the brain and can cause indications of dependence. By changing the use of the brain so that psychotropic substances can cause changes in thoughts, feelings, moods or understandings. In the context of work, the use of psychotropic substances can interfere with performance: alertness, attention, memory, psychomotor skills and possibly driving skills.

Psychotropic Substances

Psychotropic is a type of drug that can be found in pharmacies. It's just that taking the drug must be with a doctor's formula. That's because if this type of drug is taken carelessly, it can cause harmful effects, for example, the work of the organs of the body falters, until the worst is causing death. There are various types of psychotropic substances including: Sedatine, Rohypnol, Valium, Amphetamine, Metaqualone, Phenobarbital, Shabu-shabu, and Ecstasy.

Consuming psychotropic substances without a doctor's formula can stimulate users to develop addiction. In accordance with the level of risk of addiction that arises so that psychotropic substances are divided into 4 groups, consisting of:

Class 1: Psychotropics are drugs that have addictive skills, so they have a great potential to cause addiction.

In addition, this class 1 psychotropic substance is also included as a prohibited drug which if misused will be subject to legal sanctions. The most well-known examples from this circle are ecstasy, LSD and STP.

Class 2: Psychotropics are drugs with a possible addiction to less than class 1 psychotropic substances. Drugs included in this category are commonly used in the treatment of various diseases. If the consumption of second-class psychotropic substances violates the doctor's formula, it will also cause addiction. Examples of class 2 drugs include amphetamines, methamphetamine, ritalin, and methylphenidate.

Psychotropics class 3: are drugs that have medium addictive energy where the majority are used in research and also healing. Among the well-known are: flunitrazepam,

pentobarbital, buprenorsine, and lumibal.

Psychotropic group 4: listed drugs that have a mild addictive energy which is usually used in the treatment of an indication of disease. Psychotropics in this group include: diazepam, nitrazepam, koplo capsules,

lexotan, a sedative, to include sleeping pills.

Physical Identity of Drug Users

What is the physical identity of a person who uses psychotropic substances? In fact, there are some characteristics that only drug addicts have are:

Red eyes with narrowed or enlarged pupils

Nausea or vomiting.

Have a cold.


Spots appear around the mouth and often wet the lips because they feel thirsty.

Sweating even when the weather is not hot.

Injuries such as burns or burns on the lips or fingers.

There are residual injections or entanglements in the arm.

Red face

Breath, body or clothes smell strange.

Shaking or even up to tremors.

Dialogue digress.

Easy nosebleed.

Appetite goes down.

Body weight decreases but can also increase rapidly.

Having seizures even though you don't have epilepsy

Disheveled appearance

Psychological Identity of Drug Users

Certainly not only the body that can be a feature, the mental or attitude of drug users can also be clearly identified. Some of them are:

Job performance is shrinking.

No work ethic.

Financial mess.

Doesn't like to socialize.

Conflicts with family members and often angry.

Often looks sad, depressed and silent in the room.

Unable to work in groups.

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