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Drug abuse is very dangerous for health, check what it is

 Drug abuse is very dangerous for health, check what it is - Drug abuse in Indonesia has increased recently. Drug abuse is very risky for health. This is a real problem for people of all ages. Drug is

Drug abuse is very dangerous for health, check what it is

all substances that can change the thoughts, emotions and assumptions of its users. The substance is called a psychoactive substance.

There are a variety of drugs, both legal and illegal, that can be psychoactive. Legitimate medicines include over-the-counter medicines such as cough and cold medicines, and formula medicines, such as painkillers (Codeine or OxyContin). While the illegal ones include marijuana, MDMA (Ecstasy), cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Other chemicals that have never been made for human consumption, such as glue, solvents and gasoline fumes, are also frequently abused.

Each substance has its own effect on the body and mind, and carries its own risks. Illegal drugs will always carry a bonus risk because the user does not have time to fully recognize their contents. Moreover, over-the-counter drugs or formulas are also at risk if not eaten properly.

Drug abuse is when its use begins to have a negative impact on a person's life and interfere with bonds, activities, or well-being. The negative impacts include running out of friends, being fired from work or expelled from school, having problems with the law and so on.

Alcohol and marijuana are substances that are very universally used by young people and are very likely to be consumed in excessive amounts. Alcohol is often the starting substance that many school students eat. Marijuana use is also universal at that age. The terrible truth is that many young people want to “try” drugs and alcohol. Some will then become occasional users and others will become addicts.

Dangers of Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drug use pose risks throughout the ages. But young people are particularly at risk with these substances. The following is a note of the effects that will occur when abusing drugs or alcoholic beverages. Drugs consumed will harm physical and mental health both in the short and long term:

Disturbing the brain. Young people's brains are still growing, and use of alcohol and drugs can negatively affect this meaningful process.

Face an accident such as a collision while driving because of stagnation of attention and reflexes.

Face character changes and even have a suicidal attitude.

Poisoning and death from alcohol or drugs, mainly because young people do not yet recognize the limits that can be tolerated by the body.

Face difficulties with schoolwork and are often absent from school.

Isolating themselves because they are about to run out of friends or because of deteriorating family ties.

Aspects of the Risks of Drug Abuse in Young People

Men are more likely than women to have problems related to drug use. Other factors associated with an increased risk of problems related to alcohol or drug use include:

Family history of abusing drugs.

The presence of emotional or mental health problems, such as mental stress or anxiety.

Low self-confidence.

Feelings of rejection.

History of trauma or violence.

Signs of people who abuse drugs

Specific signals depend on the type of drug being used but, universally, warning signals can include:

Skipping school or dealing with depreciating subject grades.

Worry less about school, work, friends and family.

Alternation in sleeping and eating routines.

Loss of concentration or memory.

Keep the activities or whereabouts secret.

The need for money is too much, which can sometimes be fulfilled by the person by stealing money or valuable objects.

No more worrying about appearance and no longer protecting yourself.

Lack of motivation universally.

Change of mood, irritability, change of character.

Confrontation and not respecting the provisions.

Create a new group of friends who are less tied to home or school.

Drug Abuse Treatment

Various types of services exist to help young people who have problems with drug abuse. It depends on where they live and what the case is. For many users, seeing a psychiatrist to some extent has been enough to get them off the drug. Meanwhile, other users may be required to explore a treatment program for a certain period of time.

Where a more intensive approach is required, there are residential programs where participants stay for the entire duration of the program, which ranges from a few weeks to several months. There are also several rehabilitation centers that provide positive areas and life skills training throughout rehabilitation

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