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Easy Tips for Overcoming Excessive Anxiety

 People with anxiety disorders will feel afraid all the time and too much about things every day in their lives. These constraints often go unrecognized and untreated. Then how should you overcome the fear of being missed so that it doesn't get worse?

Easy Tips for Overcoming Excessive Anxiety

Indications of Excessive Fear

Often people with fear of being too aware that the worry is exaggerated, but cannot overcome it. They do not dare to think positively, because if not until they believe something bad can happen. Uncontrolled fear can significantly impair quality of life. For example, because of fear of risk, a person does not want to explore sports and travel activities. You decide not to build a house because it is not certain whether you will actually be able to repay the loan, or the employee rejects the manager position because it would involve too many responsibilities.

The main indication of an anxiety disorder is constant and uncontrollable worry and fear. These feelings make the sufferer mentally ill and also cause physical symptoms. Constantly increasing anxiety also causes a marked decline in social and reliability.

Not only constant anxiety, this anxiety constraint manifests itself in nervousness, constant mental excitability, irritability. Physically it is a tension headache, tremor (as an expression of visible muscle tension, involuntary twitching, constant muscle tension combined with extreme fatigue. Hyperexcitability can cause the following indications: dizziness, shortness of breath, tachycardia, sweating, hot flushes). or chills, gastrointestinal complaints, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, trouble sleeping or sleeping at night.

Overcoming Excessive Fear

Without adequate treatment, this fear of missing out usually becomes chronic. As the problem increases, the seriousness and severity of the indication will increase. Worsening is often intertwined in an atmosphere of mental stress. If the problem lasts for more than one year, other problems such as social phobia, mental stress, character problems, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are also common. Patients usually go to the doctor because of increased physical symptoms, but not because of the psychological problems they are experiencing.

Patients generally keep the trigger problem a secret from the doctor. They report sleeplessness, tension, headaches, nausea or nervousness, but hardly ever about their anxieties and fears. That's why, especially experienced doctors, often misdiagnose mental stress. Although mental stress is often involved, it is usually the result of an unresolved anxiety problem. Sometimes those who are carried away let alone are mistaken for hypochondria or hysterics.

Therefore, people with anxiety are often not handled properly. They are usually only treated with medication for sleep disturbances and anxiety. But anxiety constraints are ignored. To be able to avoid the great suffering and huge economic costs of co-morbidities and secondary illnesses such as mental stress, painful disorders and addictions, psychotherapy is needed early on.

Overcoming the universal fear of being too late is practicing mixed medicine (psychotherapy plus psychotropic drugs). The mixture can relieve or relieve anxiety problems and significantly improve quality of life. In milder cases, short psychotherapy is sufficient. Means to at least get an appraisal. The earlier the treatment is started, the greater the chance of success.

Overcoming the fear of missing out can also be tried with some of the following actions. You just need to take a deep breath through your nose, then hold it for a few seconds. After that exhaled from the mouth for a long time. You can also practice breathing every day to release the limiting mind. Positive thinking is also quite telling. For example, when you become afraid when you take a school test, you can create that feeling of fear in motivating studying so that you get good grades.

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