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Encouraging Healing with Drug Rehabilitation Slogans

 Aspects of art certainly cannot be underestimated in every part of life. The movement against drugs is no exception. Generating anti-drug slogans or rehabilitation is also quite meaningful, especially for young people. Young people need creativity to convey the spirit of rejecting drugs and suggest drug rehabilitation for addicts.

Encouraging Healing with Drug Rehabilitation Slogans

What is a drug must have many who understand. Narkoba is an abbreviation of narcotics, psychotropic, and illegal drugs. Apart from "drugs", another term introduced specifically by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia is Napza which stands for narcotics, psychotropics, and addictive substances.

Slogans in the anti-drug movement for example: "Avoid drugs! approach me". While the slogan for drug rehabilitation, for example: "Don't give up on the condition that we must be able to change our lives for the better in the future". Or "Change the way you think, so that your world will also change", "People fail not because they are stupid, but because they don't have enough enthusiasm".

The various slogans of drug rehabilitation must be very meaningful for those who want to take a drug rehabilitation program or who are currently taking it. Enthusiasm and determination can be boosted by reading and believing the slogan for drug rehabilitation. The slogan for drug rehabilitation, moreover, can be made up by those who are currently taking drug rehabilitation themselves.

Included in the effort to tackle the problem of drug abuse in Indonesia is implementing a rehabilitation program. For article 54 of Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, it is explained that: "Narcotics addicts and victims of narcotics abuse must undergo medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation". It is the responsibility of the government and citizens to organize drug rehabilitation centers for addicts.

The attraction of drugs lies in their ability to create a safe sensation because they can drive away feelings of worry, stress, or nervousness, even though they are all pseudo. Users generally feel relaxed and happy. When the state is high or feelings of extraordinary happiness

beyond reality, like a dream.

But behind the fake offer of drugs is a threat to physical and mental health. The consequences of drug consumption are indeed very scary. Physical health and outer appearance shrink, the body is thin, weak, lazy, and the appetite also disappears. Body temperature rises and falls. If the condition has worsened so that the breath also slows down and is short, the pupils shrink, the facial expression turns blue, the blood pressure drops, face muscle spasms, the understanding is getting lower and the result is very severe is death.

Among the efforts in tackling cases of drug abuse is to carry out rehabilitation. Based on the requirements of Article 54 of Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics, addicts are required to go through rehabilitation so that they can recover and be free from drug dependence. After physically, mentally and socially recover so that they can carry out social functions in social life.

One of the rehabilitation institutions that has opened a rehabilitation program for users and abusers of illegal drugs is Ashefa Griya Pusaka. Ashefa Griya Pusaka organizes an integrated drug rehabilitation program and is handled by certified reliable personnel. Each client will receive treatment by means of the Individual Treatment Plan exclusively, also with the presence of premium facilities to support the optimal and maximum recovery process.

Drug rehabilitation at Ashefa Griya Pusaka consists of 4 complete programs which include:

- Screening Program: An early process to identify the risk of substance use in patients.

- Assessment Program: A series of checks to identify the severity of the patient's addiction.

- Observation Program: as a follow-up to the assessment to obtain a detailed description of the problems experienced by the patient.

- Intervention Plan Program: in this session psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and counselors work together to identify the patient's needs and determine the appropriate rehabilitation program.

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