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Getting to know Morphine Pethidine Methadone which is included in Narcotics Group

Getting to know Morphine Pethidine Methadone which is included in Narcotics Group - You must have heard of drugs or to be precise, morphine-type drugs. This is a painkiller that is given for severe pain, such as after surgery or a serious injury. Pethidine and methadone also have almost the same function as morphine. Morphine Pethidine Methadone is a class II narcotic with medicinal properties.

Getting to know Morphine Pethidine Methadone which is included in Narcotics Group

Doctors in certain cases will prescribe class II narcotics for heart failure and palliative care. But it should be known that all three are also strong drugs that can be addictive. Check what effects morphine, pethidine and methadone have.

Morphine Impact

For certain situations, morphine is a fantastic drug, in chronic pain after an accident or surgery, morphine does its job well. The raw material for the drug is raw opium extracted from the poppy plant. Morphine exists in many forms. There are morphine patches, tablets, but can also be given by infusion or by pump.

However, morphine also has some disadvantages. In particular, morphine can be physically addictive. Patients often feel very different after taking morphine, which can lead to dependence. When the drug is used for a long time, the body becomes accustomed to the drug and the addiction can get worse. Therefore, its use must be reduced gradually so as not to give rise to indications of drug withdrawal.

In addition, side effects such as dizziness, nausea and drowsiness can also occur. The effects vary from person to person and can be more severe for some people than others. Most of the side effects go away on their own after a while. Morphine can also cause extra pain sensitivity. It is a pain that comes instantly even after taking the medicine. Pain sensitivity is often caused by the wrong dose.

Effects of Pethidine

Pethidine is a drug used to treat severe pain. These opioid analgesics are often given during the delivery procedure. Pethidine is more durable than other painkillers. Pethidine is active in the nervous system and brain which will relieve the pain that is being felt. The drug can be taken in tablet form. However, in the delivery procedure, the drug is usually administered by injection.

Pethidine is limited to use in overcoming pain in the type of moderate to severe pain. There are side effects that can result from the use of pethidine, including slowed heart rate, weak respiration and can even stop sleeping, severe drowsiness, as if you want to pass out, indecision and stuttering mood, severe difficulty in defecation, and tremors.

Methadone Impact

In some countries methadone is used as a painkiller after surgery or after chemotherapy. In our country it is not methadone but pethidine and morphine which are more often selected for this purpose. For heroin addiction treatment, methadone can be given to users. Methadone has a more normal character than heroin. That's why methadone can help sufferers to last longer where the effects of hangover are lower. That way the sufferer can use it once a day without disturbing regular activities.

In methadone treatment to overcome heroin dependence, patients will be given an initial dose of approximately 15-30 milligrams / day after which it is added gradually until it reaches between 60-120 milligrams / day in the early years of treatment. The accumulation of doses is intended so that the patient is on a safe dose so that he does not face withdrawal indications.

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