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How to get rid of the effects of marijuana until it heals, take notes!

 How to get rid of the effects of marijuana until it heals, take notes!

Cannabis is one type of herbal plant that is already familiar to our ears today. Moreover, because marijuana or marijuana is widely abused by people.

How to get rid of the effects of marijuana until it heals, take notes!

The content of cannabinoid compounds (100 different kinds of chemical substances) in this plant allows marijuana to have different effects on the body. Starting from regulating concentration, body movements, appetite, pain, to sensations in the senses.

But in fact, after research, most of the compounds in marijuana are so strong that they will be harmful to the health of the body if misused. Not to mention that Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD) actually have a hangover effect on the body.

Consciously or not, repeated use of marijuana can lead to dependence and leave an impact on the body. You need to take this seriously if you want to live comfortably in the future. In this article, we will explain how to get rid of the effects of marijuana on the body.

Effects of Using Cannabis

Consuming marijuana is usually done by rolling it then burning and smoking it like a cigarette. In addition, some people also mix it in their daily food or drink to get the effects of marijuana.

The pleasurable effects provided by the use of marijuana will usually last for 30 minutes. However, if consumed more or with a mixture of other drugs, the effects can also last longer, even up to 6 hours.

The bad effects that will be caused by continuous use of marijuana can be seen and felt on a person's physical and mental condition. The effects of using marijuana are as follows.

1. Lowers Brain Function

A study has made a statement that the average person who has consumed from adolescence to adulthood in the sense of having used it in the long term experienced a significant decrease in IQ. Even the number can reach 8, thus giving a bad effect on the working system of the brain.

People who generally have experienced these adverse effects, will often be confused and difficult to think seriously. Easily forgets and often ignores people.

2. Cause Psychological Symptoms

Like the original purpose of its use, marijuana is consumed to influence one's mood. The compound THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main factor that gives this effect to its users.

However, based on research, the levels of THC each year continue to increase significantly. In the past, marijuana only contained 1% THC, until now it has reached 7%. Not harmless, the higher the THC content, the higher the possibility of dependence.

Psychological symptoms that will generally be felt are depression, hallucinations, thinking disorders, difficulty sleeping, to the emergence of high suicidal ideation.

3. Weakened Immune System

The levels of THC in marijuana can damage cells and tissues that serve as defenses against certain diseases. This makes marijuana users more susceptible to illnesses such as coughs, colds, infectious diseases, or illnesses caused by viruses.

4. Disrupts the Respiratory System

The use of marijuana is usually consumed by burning and smoking like cigarettes. This can cause breathing problems, which can lead to infection and shortness of breath.

5. Increased Heart Rate

After consumption, marijuana will cause the heart rate to increase to cause the number of beats to be unstable. Heart attack is the worst impact if it continues to happen to the heart.

6. Damages Brain Structure

Marijuana use can cause structural changes in the hippocampus, amygdala, nexus accumbens, and prefrontal cortex in the brain. The more often and the greater the amount of marijuana consumed, the more significant changes will appear. In fact, this part of the brain is important in influencing how we judge positive and negative things in the environment and how we make decisions about them.

How to get rid of the effects of marijuana

Saving ourselves from the effects of marijuana use is a responsibility that we must do ourselves. For that you need to know tips and ways to eliminate the effects of marijuana as follows.

1. Control Marijuana Use

In general, marijuana use gives an effect of about half an hour if it is not mixed with other illegal drugs.

If you are already addicted, you can start to regulate and reduce your use slowly. It was intended so that they began to get used to being free from marijuana.

2. Find Supporting Friends

Stop being shy and lying to yourself! Being free from drugs is a very difficult thing to do alone, find someone who will understand and want to support you to be free from marijuana.

It could be asking for support from family, spouse, friends, coworkers, or other people who you think can do it.

3. Consult a Doctor

In the early stages, of course, doctor's advice is needed. The doctor can give you a sedative to use or provide other suggestions such as joining a rehabilitation program.

4. Stop Using Marijuana

After reducing use, make a commitment to yourself and start quitting marijuana completely. The impact may be very torturous but at this time the support from people you trust is needed.

5. Deal with Mental and Physical Symptoms That Will Appear

Stopping the use of addictive substances from the body will certainly have many impacts on a person's physical and mental health. Physical symptoms can include seizures, body shaking, and decreased sensory sensitivity.

While mental symptoms will usually cause the user to become easily depressed, experience very heavy illusions and hallucinations, the dream world feels more real, to feel the desire to disappear from the excessive world.

6. Increase Consumption of Mineral Water

Keep yourself hydrated throughout this process. Mineral water is very useful for neutralizing the content of addictive substances that already exist in the body. In addition, water also helps your body stay strong when you stop yourself from using marijuana.

7. Follow a Healthy Diet

Four healthy Five perfect is very suitable to be applied during the self-rehabilitation process. Because your body will need a lot of energy and nutrition to survive and fight the effects of marijuana on the body.

8. Train Yourself To Manage Stress

The purpose of people using marijuana is usually to control excessive stress. However, when the process of stopping from using it actually makes you more easily stressed than before.

Train yourself to be able to control these feelings, always looking for ways not to get caught up in frustrating thoughts.

9. Exercise regularly

Exercise can have a very good effect on your process of leaving marijuana. Apart from boosting your immune system, exercise also has a positive effect on your mood. Exercising can also be done to help fight the urge to use marijuana again.

10. Find Hobbies and New Friends

If exercising and doing regular activities are not enough to get rid of your dependence on marijuana, try finding new hobbies and friends.

It can increase your morale and the positive things you do will also give you something positive about yourself.

11. Take Rehabilitation

If you feel that self-healing is very difficult, your last option is to join a rehabilitation program at rehabilitation centers.

There, of course, you don't have to worry because the activities and programs for rehabilitation have been arranged in such a way. You will also find similar people who want to quit using drugs, so they can be self-motivated.


That's how to remove the effects of marijuana from the body that we can do. Marijuana use is usually not a problem for mixed foodstuffs. It's just that when it is misused, the consequences can be fatal because it can cause dependence.

The impact is very much on the physical and mental. Therefore, be aware of it now and stop taking drugs.

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