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How to refuse a friend's invitation to use drugs

 Young people are an age with a prominent character willing to try new things. If the new thing that is tried is positive, it must be very good. But if they try drugs, things will get complicated regarding their health and future. It was the invitation of his general friends who influenced him to try drugs. They don't know how to refuse a negative friend's invitation.

How to refuse a friend's invitation to use drugs

The Risks of Abusing Drugs in Young People

Parents play a fundamental position in their children's lives. As they grow old and go through pre-adolescence and youth, parents must be afraid about the new risks they may face. One of these risks is the use of risky substances such as alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and other drugs.

The use of hazardous substances by young people can have a major impact on their health and well-being. The use of hazardous substances can cause the following bad things:

• Affect the development and growth of young people, especially brain growth. The impact was predictable, the level of intelligence also did not want to grow properly.

• It is also associated more frequently with other risky behaviors, such as unprotected sex or driving that puts other lane users at risk.

• Contributes to health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and sleep problems. The worst thing is death.

• The earlier young people start using dangerous substances the more likely it is that they will continue to use them and then become addicted. When young people start drinking alcohol they tend to become addicted and then abuse it later in the day.

Methods of Rejecting Friends' Invitations to Use Drugs

It's definitely not wrong if you want to hang out with anyone. Just being careful is also mandatory. Do not cause solidarity with friends but instead plunged into the abyss of drug abuse. Not worrying about refusing and firmly saying "no" is actually easier than trying to be free from the grip of narcotics when you are already an addict. There are several methods of refusing a friend's invitation to use drugs that can be used.

Young people definitely must have strong behavior and principles by not wanting to use narcotics at all. Young people must be firm if they have friends who invite them to try drugs. Don't get carried away when the friend says it's okay to try just once or he says for solidarity between friends.

Although the inducement to use drugs is not just once or twice, young people must have a strong mentality by rejecting it firmly. Considering the dangers of the next day which will be very detrimental, surely young people will easily stabilize their mentality and determination so that they are not easily carried away. At first it may be quite difficult, but if the young people continue to strengthen their mentality and determination, they will definitely get it.

Well, if a friend who invites you to use drugs criticizes that you don't want to hang out anymore, you don't need to worry about it. It's better not to have a friend with a bad character, rather than being miserable because he's a drug addict. Young people must be able to think clearly, friends like that are not really looking for friends but victims. Friends who actually don't want to invite bad things that are dangerous.

In order to have a strong determination to abandon the desire to use drugs, one of the tricks is to find out the health dangers of using drugs. Long-term drug use has been shown to interfere with physical and mental health. Moreover, it can lead to death. Death by a very painful method.

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