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How to Remove Morphine Effects Gradually

 How to Remove Morphine Effects Gradually - Morphine is a type of drug that is still widely used by the medical community in emergency treatment. Generally given to people who are facing very severe pain or an accident that causes a critical condition. Even so, its use must be on guard because it can give bad effects to patients after consuming it.

Not only useful in medicine, in fact many also abuse morphine until the conclusion is addicted and cannot be separated from morphine. Because morphine is listed as a narcotic type, its use outside of medicine is considered illegal. Then how to eliminate the effects of morphine in our bodies? Follow this post to the end.

How to Remove Morphine Effects Gradually

Use Morphine in the Medical World

Morphine is usually available in the form of tablets, capsules, granules, or injections with various doses which of course can only be obtained through a doctor's formula.

Reported from several sources, this drug is still categorized as an opioid type and listed as a narcotic type. The way it works is also simple, by influencing the brain so that it does not receive pain signals from the body.

In addition to being used as a pain reliever, morphine is usually used in the medical world when carrying out surgery, dealing with pain due to cancer or heart attacks, and serious injuries.

Types of Morphine

The types of morphine in this post are categorized based on their form, namely in the form of liquid, granules, tablets, and so on. For the use of morphine tablets or caplets, it can generally be eaten at home according to the doctor's prescription, on the other hand if you want to get injections or oral morphine can only be obtained in hospitals.

Morphine in liquid form

Morphine in the form of a liquid is generally used for emergency purposes because of the effects it gives directly to the body. Usually used at the beginning of taking morphine to determine the appropriate dose for the patient's body.

Morphine Caplets, Tablets and Granules

The second type of morphine can be combined from several forms because it has the same function. There is also this type of morphine drug which is generally slow release, which means it is released gradually into the body within 12 to 24 hours. Morphine granules, tablets, and caplets are usually used for long-term pain relief and these drugs take a little longer to work in the body.

Side Effects of Consuming Morphine

Morphine is a type of opioid narcotic which certainly has side effects from its use. Although the benefits are quite large, the side effects can be risky for the body so that it can cause addiction.

The side effects of morphine are generally in the form of nausea, hemorrhoids, easy fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, itching or rash, and also feeling excessive anxiety.

Although it is not risky in the short term, in fact in long-term use the consequences continue to be less good, especially the more and more doses are used.

Methods of Eliminating Morphine's Impact on the Body

Long-term use of morphine can make a person addicted to the drug. As a result, if you don't use it, there will be unsafe effects on the body to the point that it affects the mental and brain.

Therefore, here is a summary of the methods of eliminating the effects of morphine from the body.

1. Gather Desire and Motivation

The main aspect before doing anything is desire. Recovery will not be possible if the intention is only trial and error and do not want to be completely free from the effects of morphine. If you want to recover, be strong from now on and start the recovery phase.

Not only that, you need something to think about to motivate yourself to always commit to life without drug dependence. Find something that you are worth fighting for after you recover from drugs.

2. Find Someone Encouraging

Finding encouragement for addicts is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, depending on how familiar you are with other people. But getting support will generally be easier from parents, companions, or their own children. They are the ones who want to help you out of a difficult period of self-recovery.

3. Live Detoxification

Detoxifying the body means sterilizing ourselves from harmful substances morphine in our bodies. In this session, generally people begin to reduce their consumption and the dose of morphine used. After a period of time or at least 2 weeks, you can try to stop taking morphine altogether.

But there needs to be preparation and some people who can help, because the impact of pocketing can not be predicted how bad it will be.

4. Change Bad Routine

Try changing your bad routine, such as wasting time, going to nightclubs, gambling, or drinking alcohol. It will also help your mind stay clear to face the obstacles that will come when recovering from drugs.

5. Avoid the World of Drugs

Sometimes drug users have a circle of friends with fellow users or do not really get along with the drug provider. During the recovery period, try not to talk or even meet these people so you don't get carried away and do the same thing again.

6. Exercising

Exercising is no less significant than his position in the rehabilitation period. Because exercise can increase the body's productivity in self-medicating and increase immunity significantly.

Exercising can also help produce detoxification residual toxins in the body in the form of sweat so that treatment can be tried more quickly.

7. Get Closer to God and Nature

This matter needs to be tried to improve mental and spiritual so that it becomes stronger in taking drug treatment. Can be applied by multiplying worship and praying to God. Putting yourself at one with nature with the meditation method is also very good for the psyche.

8. Consume Healthy, Nutritious Foods

No need for expensive food, but try to eat food that enters the body during recovery away from chemicals and is still fresh such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. Stay away from fast food and alcoholic beverages to speed up the detox process.

9. Drink more water

The kidneys need more work to produce toxins from the blood, therefore hydrating the body must be tried regularly so as not to face loss of body fluids and speed up the body to detoxify.

10. Consultation

Asking the doctor can be tried if you feel the need. Usually doctors will prescribe certain formulas to help stop from morphine, or even doctors will recommend that you go to a rehabilitation center.

The final word

Carrying out self-recovery from drugs or illegal drugs is a big dream for some people who are in a period of addiction. For this reason, strong determination and support from close people are needed so that the addict can recover and have a better future.

It's a method of eliminating the effects of morphine on the body that this post can discuss, if there is a bonus you can apply it directly to the recovery program that is being tried.

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