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Kinds of Anxiety Disorders You Should Know

Kinds of Anxiety Disorders You Should Know

Through this life, each person must have experienced anxiety problems from childhood to old age. For most people, fear is only intertwined for a moment. However, for some people, the fear persists for several days and is very severe for years. What are the various anxiety problems that people can experience?

Kinds of Anxiety Disorders You Should Know

If this is felt, it can be said that the person suffers from an anxiety disorder which is medically known as an anxiety disorder. There are various anxiety problems encountered, namely:

Panic Disorder

It is a panic disorder that can stimulate anxiety, sudden fear and so much so that reaching its peak takes only a few minutes. People who suffer from panic attacks may experience: persistent feelings of threat, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, rapid or irregular heartbeats that cause palpitations (palpitations). Panic attacks can cause sufferers to be afraid that certain conditions will be experienced again. Therefore they also try to stay away from that situation.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

This is a post-traumatic stress disorder that usually arises when the sufferer encounters a traumatic event, including: war, attack that criticizes, natural disaster, or disaster. Indications experienced include difficulty relaxing, bad dreams, flashbacks of events or traumatic conditions.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD))

It is something that is always thought about and unwanted or disturbing worries, thus stimulating anxiety. If people think that the mind is trivial, people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) will try to get rid of the anxiety they feel by carrying out certain rituals. Among others, washing hands repeatedly, counting without stopping, or checking repeatedly for example whether the house has been locked or not.


People who suffer from agoraphobia have feelings of worry about certain places or situations that cause them to feel trapped, without energy, or feel ashamed. These feelings stimulate panic attacks, so often people with agoraphobia may want to try to avoid the place or atmosphere so they don't panic.

Generalized anxiety disorder

( GAD)

It is a universal anxiety disorder where the sufferer will feel anxiety and worry without stopping over activities or events, including regular and frequently done activities. This worry causes disturbances in the body, such as headaches, stomach ache, or difficulty sleeping.

The problem is, it's not easy to justify when anxiety is a real health problem, much more than just a bad day that causes irritation or anxiety. If it is not treated, then the anxiety experienced may not heal and will get worse over time.

Coping with anxiety or other mental health problems becomes easier, if done early and not when it has worsened. People who face anxiety problems must immediately ask a doctor, if:

• Being so afraid that it interferes with daily activities, including work, school, cleaning or social life.

• Anxiety, worry or fear causes feelings of depression and are difficult to control.

• Being depressed, consuming alcohol or drugs to get rid of it, or having another mental health condition.

• Assuming that anxiety is caused by mental health problems.

• Contemplating suicide.

• Feeling the need for help to treat anxiety that is felt.

Doctors want to confirm, anxiety problems are related to physical health conditions or not. If the doctor finds an underlying condition then will offer a suitable treatment plan to help relieve the anxiety experienced. You may also want to refer to a mental health specialist to confirm an assessment of the anxiety problems you are experiencing.

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