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Know What is Narcolepsy

 Know What is Narcolepsy - What is narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is a very rare disease in which sufferers often fall asleep instantly during the day. This can cause many problems in their daily life. Narcolepsy symptoms generally appear from the age of 15 to 35 years. But it's not possible at an age beyond that.

Indications for Narcolepsy

People who develop narcolepsy generally have one or more of the following indications:

During the day, he often fell asleep immediately, especially when he was doing something. This usually occurs when the patient is doing quiet activities, such as waiting or watching TV. But it can also occur during active activities, such as cycling.

During the day sufferers are almost always sleepy, especially if they have slept enough.

The sufferer wakes up in an orderly manner at night.

Sometimes the sufferer's muscles suddenly become weak, for example muscles in the face, neck, or legs. This mainly occurs when the sufferer laughs, but can also occur when angry or surprised. The incident lasted a few seconds to 2 minutes. If the muscles in the legs immediately weaken, the sufferer can fall.

Before falling asleep or just after waking up, the muscles generally suffer from temporary paralysis. The sufferer cannot move or have a dialogue.

Sufferers generally dream about violence when asleep or awake. His dream seemed very real.

Sufferers have difficulty concentrating on anything. Sometimes sufferers do something without thinking about it. For example putting some things in the wrong place.

The sufferer feels worried or sad.

Sufferers face excess body weight.

Narcolepsy Triggers

Narcolepsy occurs when the patient's body produces too little hypocretin. It is a chemical in the brain that controls sleep and wakefulness. Without these substances, sufferers cannot always stay awake for long or do not sleep well. Narcolepsy may be an autoimmune disease. This means that immune cells cause destruction to the body itself. In narcolepsy, autoimmunity causes destruction of brain cells that make hypocretin.

Narcolepsy Enforcement

Although it cannot be overcome, people with Narcolepsy can do the following things to reduce symptoms, including:

Order life. Wake up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time, including weekends and holidays.

Short sleep (20-30 minutes) at the same time during the day.

Avoid going into situations that induce spasms during sleep or muscle weakness, such as very boring or very emotional situations.

Carry out activities such as sports in an orderly manner.

Do not consume alcohol and drugs because they will only make the symptoms worse.

Some people with narcolepsy feel better when they eat a low-carb diet.

Tell people close if you have sleeping sickness.

Narcolepsy Drugs

Medications can reduce the symptoms of narcolepsy but cannot cure it. Examples of drugs for narcolepsy such as:

Stimulant drugs, such as methylphenidate which will help sufferers stay awake during the day.

Antidepressants that will help fight off attacks of instantly weak muscles and intense dreams.

Sodium oxybate (GHB), which will help sufferers sleep better at night, don't often have bad dreams and don't often face the rush of loose muscles.

Narcolepsy often has many effects on everyday life. The sufferer may feel embarrassed or depressed. Patients may also feel uncomfortable or afraid. Patients may not dare to go shopping or go out again. Also have problems in learning or work.

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