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Knowing the Characteristics of Drug Addicts Around Us

Knowing the Characteristics of Drug Addicts Around Us - With the increasing prevalence of drug abuse in Indonesia, people need to know the characteristics of drug addicts. In this case, the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has released what are the characteristics that indicate if a person is a drug addict. Not only that, the public also needs to understand drug rehabilitation procedures for addicts.


Knowing the Characteristics of Drug Addicts Around Us

Recognizing the Characteristics of an Addict

Drug addicts must be rehabilitated. Addicts can report themselves to the National Narcotics Agency so that they can participate in the rehabilitation program. Relatives or friends are also advised to immediately report if they find users around them. If left without rehabilitation, drug addicts can trigger psychological problems as well as social problems in the surrounding environment, such as committing crimes. The characteristics of drug addicts below are of course not absolute, but are general:

- When spoken to do not often make eye contact.

- When speaking slurred.

- When leaving the house usually secretly.

- Stubborn.

- Often blames others for his mistakes.

- Mencla-mencle and likes to lie.

- Often challenges others and does not hesitate to invite fights.

- Speak roughly.

- Disobedience.

- Came home late at night.

- Being alone in the room or bathroom.

- Emotionally unstable.

- Found drugs, tinfoil, bongs, aluminum foil, syringes that are not common in the room or bathroom.

- Often wears dark glasses and/or hats to disguise the appearance of a high-spirited eye.

- Frequently bagging eye drops

- Sleeping during the day while staying up late at night.

- Paranoid.

- The room is messy and rarely takes a shower.

- Showing symptoms of addiction such as fever, aches, yawning, unable to sleep for several days, uncontrollable emotions.

- Easily offended

- Lazy to go to school and do schoolwork.

- And many more.

Getting to know the Ashefa Griya Pusaka Drug Rehabilitation Center

Ashefa Griya Pusaka, a drug addiction rehabilitation center that stands in several places. Drug rehabilitation program is an activity or process to help victims of drug abusers (Narcotics, Psychotropics, and other Addictive Substances) or drug addicts to achieve maximum physical, psychological and social abilities.

At Ashefa Griya Pusaka, the drug rehabilitation program is carried out in an integrated manner and handled by certified professionals. Each client will receive therapy using the Individual Treatment Plan method exclusively, also with premium facilities that will support the maximum and optimal recovery process.

Drug rehabilitation at Ashefa Griya Pusaka consists of four complete programs which include:

- Screening Program: The initial process to identify the patient's risk of substance use.

- Assessment Program: A series of examinations to identify the severity of the patient's addiction.

- Observation Program: as a follow-up to the assessment to get a detailed picture of the problems faced by the patient.

- Intervention Plan Program: at this stage psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, and counselors collaborate to identify patient needs and determine the appropriate rehabilitation program.

The drug rehabilitation program at Ashefa Griya Pusaka consists of inpatient services and then an outpatient program. For hospitalization for drug patients at Ashefa Griya Pusaka will undergo:

- 28 days 1 : participants receive medical assistance as well as basic knowledge of addiction, substance use, dealing with relapse, until the next recovery plan.

- 28 days 2 : participants receive therapy and education to follow up on other conditions as a result of drug use.

- 28 days 3: the patient gets therapy and in-depth knowledge about other conditions that arise as a result of drug use.

- As for the outpatient program, Ashefa Griya Pusaka offers a recovery program for addicts, abusers and victims of narcotics abuse which consists of:

- Intensive: 12 - 24 meetings in a time span: 45 - 60 days with 2 sessions per week and 1 - 2 hours per session.

- Regular : 8 - 12 meetings in time span: 45 - 60 days with 1 session per week and 1 - 2 hours per session.

Ashefa Griya Pusaka also has a WELLNESS & HOLISTIC program. Holistic therapy is a form of non-medical treatment with the aim of balancing the mental state, body, and mind. This holistic therapy method can be carried out with several activities consisting of: yoga, meditation, massage therapy, counseling, and recreational therapy. The therapy aims to help participants identify the causes of drug use, improve self-control from addiction, strengthen the quality of body health, develop self-confidence, and reduce the potential for relapse.

There is another RECREATIONAL program, which is a series of entertainment activities inside and outside the facility that are part of the drug rehabilitation program. Outing at Ashefa Griya Pusaka, for example, participants will get entertainment activities with supervision from officers. Then there is Saturday Night Activity and several other fun activities.

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