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Mental and Behavioral Disorders Due to Psychoactive Substance Use

 Drugs as psychoactive substances can no doubt make users addicted to addiction. Its continuous use also has an impact on the destruction of the user's body. Not only physically, mentally also affected. Mental problems and attitudes due to the use of psychoactive substances are felt by many addicts.

Mental and Behavioral Disorders Due to Psychoactive Substance Use

Even now, with more and more new types of psychoactive substances being made, the damaging effects are also getting crazy. The new psychoactive substance is a "third generation drug" which emerged after narcotics and psychotropic substances. These psychoactive substances are mainly processed and modified based on the chemical structure of second or early generation drugs, or some of the intermediate products created in the drug manufacturing process, creating several new drugs with specific effects.

Not only chemical synthesis, new psychoactive substances also include some potentially addictive plant-derived substances. Because its abuse has caused serious public health and social problems that many countries around the world have paid great attention to the problem of this new psychoactive substance in recent years.

Psychoactive substances were only reported to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by several countries in 2009. Since then, more and more countries have started to pay attention to this issue and report the relevant situation in their country to UNODC. In recent years, new types of psychoactive substances have developed at an average annual rate of more than 20%, displaying an "explosive" development trend. To date, more than 700 types of narcotics have been recorded, far exceeding the number of older types of narcotics. The types and numbers are still growing.

One of the new psychoactive substances is ketamine (or K powder made with ketamine as the main ingredient). Ketamine is a synthetic drug that is widely abused in various countries. These dangerous drugs can cause serious medical, public health, and social problems. Moreover, mental and attitude problems due to the use of psychoactive substances are no less terrible.

Mental and behavioral problems due to the use of psychoactive substances are attitudes that do not match the universal norms prevailing in society. Mental and behavioral problems due to the use of psychoactive substances can be said to be an epidemic that is felt in various countries until now. Due to mental constraints and attitudes, the impact of consuming psychoactive substances does not only result in physical health, but also the mental health of the addict. Moreover, social life also stalled.

What are the mental and behavioral problems caused by the use of psychoactive substances? In a problem that had been encountered, the sufferer or drug addict went berserk and damaged various objects he encountered. The sufferer is also angry with everyone in front of him. The sufferer often talks to himself, wanders when spoken to, often climbs the ceiling of the house because he feels that someone wants to criticize his life.

Mental and behavioral problems due to the use of other psychoactive substances include difficulty sleeping for days, wandering aimlessly, claiming to see supernatural things or hear whispers to do something. The sufferer also claims that he has the ability to read other people's minds.

Mental health problems are a negative impact of consuming illegal drugs for a long time. That's due to the content of compounds in narcotics that can cause brain problems, whether it's the nervous system and also the work of the brain.

The brain is a very complex organ. Almost all the activities that humans try to do depend on the brain. Long-term use of narcotics will interfere with the way neurons send, receive, or digest signals through neurotransmitters.

If this condition exists, there will be various mental problems and attitudes that are often experienced by drug addicts. For example paranoia, anxiety problems, mental stress, panic problems, and even hallucinations. If it has been so that the quality of life of the sufferer also shrinks to the extreme. There is no solution that can be taken, not just taking the patient to a doctor or drug rehabilitation center.

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