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Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental health awareness day - Mental health is a condition in which mental and mental health are in a normal, stagnant, and normal condition in good things. Mental health is part of the primary needs for every human being.

Mental Health Awareness Day

It is said to be a primary need because mental is things that are related to the soul, psyche, and mental location where mental has 2 characteristics, namely positive and negative which means a lot to anyone.

This positive and negative mental health then approaches and changes the behavior pattern of the perpetrator with many consequences. As a matter of fact, the effects that begin to emerge and change attitudes after that do not only have consequences, these problems adapt to become changes in life.

Things that work means to always remember that having a healthy mentality is something that must be remembered and the problem handled in a positive or negative way, one of which is by commemorating Mental Health Day every day.

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Universal Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10. Recently, in the era of globalization and the creation of industry 4.0 says that the age range of 12-18 is the time of young people, they can also feel and experience problems in their mental health.

This is caused by many things, one of which is a situation where they choose to hide the problem, think about the problem, and keep the problem secret.

Many things can make the fate of young people continue to change and be replaced by the area and themselves. The age of young people is referred to as the unstable age at each age that everyone gets. They better understand the mention of mental illness where it is a condition where a person's psyche falters due to stagnant and excessive anxiety related to emotions.

Surely this problem is justified by many parties where mental illness is a threat to everyone who gets the obstacles that have been mentioned.

So, don't forget to always control your rest patterns, diet, and patterns to control yourself. Believing that God will always be with us is a manifestation that God is the owner of us who can sway our fate and attitude patterns. It could be, loving yourself for others is signaled by always accepting whatever shortcomings you have.

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However, the location of self-love is to advance yourself in more and more ways and in a way that if we do it for ourselves then it will feel like helping, helping, reaching out to us.

The reality is that everyone has problems that focus on different values, then don't make the thought that sick and stressed people are one possible way to our other selves.

Don't forget to always remember that life is not about accepting recognition, but accepting reality. Happy World Mental Health Day

Tips for maintaining health

Mental health is a condition that grows physically, intellectually and emotionally that is attached to a person and continues to grow along with the formation of harmony and the existence of a form of adjustment between humans and themselves, especially between humans and their environment.

For the World Health Organization, a person can be said to be mentally healthy, if he is able to realize his abilities, cope with mental stress in everyday life, work productively, and contribute to the surrounding area.

Sometimes when a student's mental health falters to the point that it will affect his day-to-day activities. Mental health in students can be influenced by several aspects, including genetics, family, friendship, lifestyle, social and various other aspects. These aspects can influence students positively or negatively.

However, there are still many students who are not aware of the positive and negative consequences of these aspects so that they do not remember their mental health.

Protecting mental health for students is very important because it can produce positive thoughts, both for yourself and for others. Because mental health is related to physical health, a person with a healthy mentality is better able to recover from illness. There are also ways to protect and overcome mental health for students, namely as follows.

Control or cope with stress

Students often face fear and mental pressure that comes from their academic activities. So from that we must be able to control anxiety and overcome mental stress in a way that does not burden ourselves. We can control the time between doing homework, playing and resting.

Fear is a normal thing for everyone, we must realize that fear is not only faced by us but all people. Basically, everyone has a different method of dealing with anxiety.

Healthy lifestyles

The majority of students do not practice a healthy lifestyle, a healthy lifestyle is closely related to mental health, if we practice a healthy lifestyle such as sleeping with sufficient time, eating nutritious food, not forcing ourselves to do something when the body is not vital, so we have protected our mental health.

Not only that, don't forget to do regular exercise. Also stay away from bad routines, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs.

Set Goal

As students, we certainly have good goals. We must remember that we are students, reducing meaningless and burdensome thoughts. Focus on the main goals and ideals.

Maintain good bonds with others

As social beings, we certainly cannot live without depending on other people. It's the same with the world of lectures, if we run a good bond with our friends, it will actually make it easier for us to live our lives in college.

Because friends who later want to help us when we are in trouble, friends are also the ones who want to look at all the complaints at this conference. Helping, telling and observing will make us feel that we are not alone.

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