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Platform for Compressing PDF Files

Platform for Compressing PDF Files

Platform for compressing PDF files– We all prefer PDF(Portable Document Format) for sharing information from one feature to another or via online media. The advanced features of this document format make it the initial choice of millions of people. People from all walks of life prefer this file format to share their secret documents for various reasons.

Compactness, password protection features and multi-system support are some of the main reasons for the massive appreciation of PDF. However, the large dimensions of PDFs often make it difficult for people to share them easily. We all know that PDFs often contain large amounts of content, including various types of fonts, large quality photos, and a lot of textual information. This huge amount of information increases the dimensions of the PDF.

Nowadays, sharing large dimensional PDFs using online platforms is a real problem as all major web-based platforms have dimensional limitations for uploading files. Users cannot exceed this limit and are required to upload files under it. For example, Gmail has a 25 MB limit for uploading files. Therefore, you must keep the file dimensions under these limits in order to attach them to your email to send them via Gmail.

Reducing the dimensions of a pdf is not an easy task to try as this file format is not perfect for editing. Therefore, you must have the right equipment so that it can help you reduce the dimensions of the pdf without reducing its quality. Luckily, you can create amazing and powerful PDF tools in Duplichecker. com. This website-based tool is very useful for reducing PDFs.

Here, we will discuss the salient features of this online PDF compressor and how it can help you in managing the dimensions of PDF files adequately. So let's dig deep and find out more about this PDF dimension reducer without further ado!

How to Compress PDF by Duplichecker. com Works?

The platform for compressing pdf files is in Duplichecker. com is an AI based tool that gives you the fastest and most reliable PDF compression. Once you upload your large sized PDF on this PDF compress online tool, it will process it and reduce the pdf size according to your input in a fraction of a second.

PDF Compressor in Duplichecker. com is a very advanced tool that compresses files without affecting their quality and layout. Not only that, the quality of the file is always the same especially after compression.

Features of Compressor PDF Compressor

platform for compressing pdf files

Duplichecker Platform for Compressing PDF Files

The online PDFs available on this platform contain unique and amazing features that make it the best tool for managing PDFs. Some of the most prominent features of this web-based PDF tool are shared in this section.

Free PDF tools to use

The online PDF compressor built into Duplichecker. com is a very reliable tool that doesn't require a premium subscription at all. You don't have to pay anyone to compress PDFs using this website-based PDF tool.

No Need To Install Any Software Features

Unlike most of the PDF tools available on the website, this PDF compressor does not require any downloads or installations. Users don't need to install any large sized apps in their features as they might have to do when using other PDF compressors. Not only that, you don't need to register yourself on any online platform to get a boost from this online PDF compressor.

High Quality PDF Compression

The quality of compressed PDF files is the most concern that many people often think about when using online tools. However, this PDF compress tool provides you the best quality PDF compression service for all of you. The reduced PDF size you have from this tool will not have lost readings or blurry photos at all. In addition, the formatting of the textual content in the file is always intact especially after compression.

Website Based Equipment 100% Safe

The privacy of confidential PDF files is a real concern that makes people think twice before using online tools. However, there is no need to worry about the confidentiality of your PDF files when using this free tool at all. The PDFs you upload on this PDF compressor will be deleted from its servers within a few minutes after processing ends.

Not only that, this tool ensures that no third party can access your files under any circumstances. So, you can use this free PDF compressor to manage your PDFs adequately without feeling nervous or worried at all.


In the final analysis, compressing PDFs is not child's play. However, the process of reducing pdf size has become an easy task with the help of PDF compressor presented by Duplichecker.com. You can compress pdf files using this free online PDF compressor without facing any hurdles. So, we suggest you give this platform to compress pdf files online to reduce pdf size without going into any convoluted procedure.

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