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Smoking is Dangerous for Health, These are the Rows of Diseases It Causes

 There are still many who do not know that smoking is risky for health from any angle.

Smoking is Dangerous for Health, These are the Rows of Diseases It Causes

For statistics, tobacco kills people every day in various parts of the world. If no efficient action is taken, it is estimated that the death toll will increase many times over. Moreover, those who are non-smokers will also not be able to "avoid" and will be affected by the bad consequences.

Many smokers have an in-depth explanation that quitting smoking is not an easy matter. The World Health Organization clearly lists tobacco dependence as a disease, and ending smoking is the same as curing a disease, which requires the efficient use of medicines and reliable medical services. However, information shows that 19.8% of smokers have tried to quit smoking in the last 12 months, but 90.1% were unsuccessful. Not using efficient drugs and not seeking reliable medical care are the main reasons for failing to quit smoking. Those smokers only rely on their willpower.

There are also social and cultural reasons for the difficulty of quitting smoking. "Smoking is harmful to health" the phrase must have been familiar. It's just that the warning has not been realized by everyone. The image of tobacco has a positive value in the opinion of some regions and some residents. To this day, high-end tobacco and alcohol are still the "best options" for gifts.

In real life, smoking also has unique social benefits. In some areas, lighting a cigarette is an etiquette for everyday social interactions. One party respectfully handed over a cigarette, and the other party thanked him after smoking on the premises, fulfilling the greetings at the start of the meeting.

In some social activities, smoking together is also a form of self-examination and a harmonious atmosphere. When tobacco becomes a gift, it gains legitimacy at the socio-cultural level, and is endowed with positive values ​​and good meaning. Tobacco products also reinforce this image with a well-designed logo, branding, and attractive packaging. Based on the influence and especially the pressure of this social culture, quitting smoking becomes even more difficult.

Smoking is a serious health risk, which has formed a broad consensus in the medical and scientific circles. Just look at the cigarette packaging that has a large photo printed on it that shows real indications of some smoking-related diseases. Indication of diseases such as lung cancer and oral cancer. Long-term smoking causes adverse effects on the respiratory system, which many people are aware of.

The lungs are the main organs of the human respiratory system. It is an open organ that communicates directly with the outside world through the trachea and bronchi. Therefore this area is very vulnerable to various risk factors that come from outside. Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of harmful substances, 69 of which are proven carcinogens. These carcinogens can stimulate key gene mutations in the body, dysregulation of normal developmental regulatory mechanisms, which in turn can lead to carcinogenesis and malignant tumors.

Experts also believe that smoking is harmful to health by causing slow lung damage that cannot be replaced as well as a significant predisposing factor in chronic lung disease. In the end it will affect the function of the lungs and seriously affect the quality of life. Moreover, it can cause death.

Do not end there, smoking is harmful to health and in the long term can increase the risk of oral mucosal tumors, nasopharyngeal tumors, gastrointestinal tract tumors, breast cancer, chronic leukemia and other diseases. Smoking for the long term will also have an impact on male reproductive health. If a mother of two smokes, it can also cause birth defects and miscarriage.

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