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This is 7 The Best Startup Business Plan

This is 7 The Best Startup Business Plan - For someone who is again or wants to enter the business world, you may be familiar with the term startup. Want to know more about the interpretation of startups and examples of student startup businesses? Follow this post until it's finished.

This is 7 The Best Startup Business Plan

Startup Interpretation

The word Startup is a word that comes from the absorption of a foreign language, English. Startup in English means a business that has just been formed or started.

Simply put, a startup is an industry that is still new or still in the development phase to create a market and improve products. Currently, startups are more often used to describe technology-based startup industries, both in terms of services and products.

Student Startup Business Opportunities

While I was in college, I often explored various scientific competitions. The majority of my student friends share inspiration or technology-based innovations.

Technology that continues to be rapidly developing has a myriad of benefits listed in the creation of a work to facilitate all activities. Students with innovative thinking have a great opportunity to build a startup business.

That's how I feel while exploring scientific competitions, they have fresh ideas ready to be realized. The inspiration for student startup businesses can be obtained from various matters, ranging from product development, marketing, to service.

The fields to be developed are also very broad ranging from services, dining, hotels, tourism, health, property, learning, and much more. The size of this student startup business opportunity, of course, needs to be accompanied by special skills that must be possessed to increase various innovations. Therefore, students are considered appropriate in developing and starting this startup business.

Example of Student Startup

I understand very well the personality of a student, his passionate spirit and unlimited creativity. Yes, I had time to go through those times to think about various innovative ideas. Well, if Wong Pintar's friend wants to know an example of a student startup business, you can follow this on this basis.

1. The boarding house finder application

An example of an initial student startup business is a boarding house finder application. This is a real example that I had experienced before. When looking for a boarding house, one of the seniors offered encouragement to look for a boarding house.

So, have you thought about the startup business? Yes, we can develop a boarding house finder app to help those new students, especially those who are overseas students. Don't know the area near the campus, so this application can appear to help share complete data about boarding houses and order them online.

Profits can be obtained from sharing fees with partners, in this case the boarding house owner. Interesting right?

2. Campus Ojek

This is also an example of a student startup business that my friend is currently working on on campus. The majority of them are student drivers. So, this business can build a mutually beneficial ecosystem. From students, for students.

Especially for campuses that are not touched by the green online motorcycle taxi application, the opportunity for a campus motorcycle taxi business will certainly have great opportunities.

3. Cleaning Service

Example of Student Startup

Example of Student Startup

The boarding house or rented house has been left behind for a long time because of a long holiday? Are you lazy to clean the boarding house? Yes, that was the inspirational background for this student startup business example to emerge.

An example of this one can be made by ordering an online cleaning service. Students who have a myriad of activities as well as temporary students want to be helped by this one startup business.

4. Buying and Selling Used Items

For students who have graduated, have a certain dilemma for some of the things that he has bought at the boarding house. Especially for students who clearly can't lift that many objects into the plane. Unless he rents a car. I will always be tired.

Well, buying and selling these leftovers can be the right solution for students who have graduated. New students can also squeeze in early tuition fees by buying leftovers from their seniors. Until then, you can develop a marketplace or application to connect these sellers and buyers.

5. Rent a Motorcycle and Car

As long as I was a student, there was a time when I wanted to rent a motorbike just to visit tourist attractions. However, I don't know where to rent it. If you want to borrow a friend's motorbike, it doesn't taste delicious, and even then if my friend has a motorbike, hahaha.

This can be an example of a student startup business that you can develop. This business has great opportunities, especially in big cities. However, the effect of this business is also large. If you don't have a good system, you might run out of the motorbike or car.

You need to upgrade tracking equipment such as a chip for GPS that is attached to a motorbike or car. This method can help you reduce the effect of running out of rented vehicles.

6. Rent Camping Equipment

Example of Student Startup

Example of Student Startup

The majority of my friends during college had a hobby of climbing mountains. I often observe that they have difficulty finding camping equipment to borrow. Well, generally it's the children of Mapala (nature lover students) who have the object, then distribute the loan.

This can be an interesting startup business inspiration, right? You can create an application or website to rent camping equipment. This kind of business will sell, especially in areas where there are indeed many mountains to climb.

7. Rent Campus Equipment

For a student who is active in organizing, sometimes we need equipment that can support activities such as speakers, LCD projectors, cameras, and others. Not only organizers, students in general who have activities to support the course of college also certainly need such equipment.

Rent campus equipment can be a solution for borrowing equipment for students. The main thing is equipment that is only used occasionally, it's a shame if you buy these things. Is it better to just rent it?

In fact, there are many more examples of student startup businesses that I can describe such as translation services, post writing services, novel borrowing applications, web and application development, and other ideas.

For those of you who really want to develop a startup business, you can register for an intensive program organized by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, namely Startup Studio Indonesia or SSI.

SSI aims to empower start-up businesses or startups by focusing on product and team acceleration, validation of marketing strategies, assisting technology development, and business skills.

Thus the post overrides the interpretation and examples of student startup businesses, hopefully your business will grow!

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