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This is the method of eliminating Inex's impact completely

 This is the method of eliminating Inex's impact completely

Inex or better known as ecstasy is one of the most abused types of drugs in Indonesia. The reason is that the impact that this drug gives to new users is very satisfying, both physically and emotionally.

Its use also seems to be a certain trend for young people in Indonesia, so that many young people use Inex.

This is the method of eliminating Inex's impact completely

Ecstasy addiction can certainly occur if it has been used many times, it is not often that people who are addicted face chronic brain problems. For that we need to know how to eliminate the effects of inex from the body.

Get to know Inex and its effects on the body

Can I use inex? Before knowing how to get rid of the effects of inex, it's a good idea to understand more closely about this one drug so you don't misunderstand.

MDMA (methylene dioxy methamphetamine) is the original name of INEX which is an artificial chemical and has a stimulant effect on the body. The effect itself can be felt after use for up to 1 hour.

Generally, the effect of this drug is an extreme increase in mood, people who were previously frustrated suddenly become happy. Not only that, the user's body will also feel more energetic after consuming it, let alone being able to do heavy or tiring work for a relatively long time.

Other positive effects experienced by users include:

1. Be more sensitive to the surrounding area

2. Good mood and optimistic thinking

3. Have an open mind and a more creative imagination

4. Become more confident and mentally strong

Although it has positive effects, it does not cover the dangers or negative consequences that will certainly be obtained when using or addicted to Inex. There are also unfavorable effects of using ecstasy, which are as follows.

The Negative Impact of Using Inex in the Short Term

Using inex or ecstasy in the near future does not have a significant effect, but this matter still needs to be observed if you want to abuse inex. There are also these impacts, namely:

1. Appetite drops drastically

2. So worry too much for no reason

3. Always feel thirsty

4. Excruciating fatigue

5. The mind is chaotic and easily offended

6. Nausea and vomiting

7. The body feels hot and cold suddenly

The 7 effects above can continue to be severe if consumption is tried more often in the short term.

Negative Impact of Long-Term Use of Inex

Unlike the case with long-term impact. Surely this prohibited drug will interfere with the body if used continuously for a relatively long time or even chronically.

Reduction of the body's immune system, it is certain that over time the user's body will feel weak and lethargic, especially if not using the drug. The use of Inex stops the production of several hormones in the body, such as dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which reduce immunity in the body. In addition, inex addicts are also difficult to be free from severe and chronic diseases, especially widespread because of a weak immune system.

Decreased Mental Skills, caused by the effects given by Inex after the loss of its positive effects, namely problems with memory, memory decline, hallucinations, decreased thought energy, and also some other mental problems. Surely this will bring big problems to everyday life.

Hyperthermia is also often associated with long-term use of ecstasy. The body will often have a fever or great heat, so that sometimes it causes seizures. Hyperthermia can also stimulate heart rhythm problems, let alone run aground on the kidneys.

Heart failure is caused by norepinephrine which acts abnormally due to the use of inex so that blood pressure is not normal, blood vessels dilate, and pulse becomes irregular. This situation is likely to cause a heart attack, stroke, let alone stimulate instant death.

Inex Impact Eliminating Method

After knowing some important things about inex and its negative effects on the body, it's time to discuss how to recover from inex.

1. Live Detoxification

Doing a detox or detoxifying the body is the very first step to get rid of drug substances in the body. This session is in the form of a technical series that is tried to produce chemicals that have been registered in the blood and some drug abusers' bodies.

This stage of detoxing the body will usually be tried for a week or more, but it is highly recommended to consult a doctor because after detoxification usually there will be a withdrawal effect.

2. Take Mental Medicine

Staying away from illegal drugs like Inex is a difficult thing when the addiction is severe. Therefore, you need to carry out mental treatment independently or with a third party.

3. Ask for the support of the closest people

Do you understand that we ourselves need a support system when facing difficult times, as well as when we are recovering from drug entanglements. Visit family, friends, or companions then tell them your intention to change and ask for their support.

4. Adequate Nutrition Consumption

Treating yourself from inex or ecstasy is not quick and easy. It took months and a lot of energy to hold back when a depression hit. For this reason, people who are recovering are strongly advised to eat healthy and nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein foods.

5. Increase Sports

Regular exercise should be tried during rehabilitation, this will help bring out the toxins in the body through sweat. Not only that, exercising also gives a fresh sensation to the brain and makes the body more productive.

Do some easy exercise such as running, cycling, or doing gymnastics. It's definitely better if you try it in the morning.

6. Create a Positive Routine

Doing positive things can share positive effects on yourself as well. Do whatever activity you think doesn't lead to negative things. If you feel you don't know what to do, start by sterilizing the house, then the yard, then reading a novel, or looking for a new hobby to make it a routine.

7. Join the Rehabilitation Program

One thing is especially if you want to recover and find it difficult to do self-healing. You can participate in rehabilitation from certain institutions or foundations which will certainly help you a lot because there has been a long-term program at the rehabilitation center.

8. Find Self-Motivation

Motivating yourself needs to be tried so that the commitment and determination to recover from drugs is always maintained and stronger every day. Find motivation from stories of people who recovered from drugs, remember memories when you weren't hooked on drugs, and imagine what kind of future can be achieved without drugs.


These are some of the steps for eliminating the effects of inex or ecstasy on the body. This method can be tried and applied with a strong commitment to recovering from drugs, otherwise there will be no results.

Everyone has different skills and commitments in recovering from drugs. If you feel you are unable to do it yourself, you can try to explore a recovery program at a rehabilitation center.

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