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What are the Categories of Anxiety Disorders and Depression

 Anxiety is a natural reaction of the body to the stress of the mind experienced. It is a feeling of worry or fear of what will happen. It's just that if there is excessive anxiety, it is an "abnormality". Anxiety problems and mental stress are categorized into several main groups as follows.

What are the Categories of Anxiety Disorders and Depression

General Anxiety Constraints

It is a chronic disorder associated with excessive anxiety or persistent worry befalling non-special events, objects, or life circumstances. This is a very universal anxiety problem, where those who experience it can't always be sure what triggers the anxiety.

Panic Raid

An intense feeling of terror of short or sudden duration. Panic attacks manifest themselves in the form of tremors, indecision, dizziness, nausea and difficulty breathing. Symptoms will worsen rapidly, peaking after 10 minutes which can last for hours. A panic disorder is a startling experience that usually occurs after a period of fear or prolonged stress.

But panic attacks can also go unnoticed. People experiencing panic attacks may misinterpret it as a potentially lethal illness because the most frequently complained symptom is "feeling like dying" and it can cause an extreme shift in attitude to avoid future attacks.

Specific Phobia

This is a form of irrational fear of certain things or situations. Phobias are not the same as other anxiety disorders because they carry special, identifiable triggers. People who suffer from phobias may control their fears as absurd or extreme but they still cannot control the fear that occurs. Phobia triggers are areas (such as airplanes or elevators), animals (such as spiders, dogs, or rats) or everyday objects encountered.


Often referred to as a fear of open spaces or the outdoors. This is a disease for people who are worried, so stay away from places, events or situations from which escape is impossible or there would be no incentive to be trapped in them. People who suffer from agoraphobia may not dare to leave the house or enter elevators or universal transportation.

Social phobia

It is the fear of being undervalued by others in social situations or the shame of being in front of the universal. Social anxiety phobias include several feelings, such as stage fright, fear of intimacy, or anxiety about humiliation and rejection. These obstacles can cause a person to avoid public situations or contact with humans so that it is quite difficult to carry out normal daily activities.

Selective Mute

This is the type of anxiety that is usually felt by children who are unable to have a dialogue in a certain place or context, such as school. Although they may have fairly good verbal communication skills when they are placed in intimate contexts. It can be an extreme type of social phobia.

Separation Anxiety Constraints

Once separated from other people or places that can share comfortable feelings, some people may exhibit this anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety is where the symptoms are uniform with panic attacks. Usually will begin to disappear at the age of about 3 years. But in some children, separation anxiety problems can be a characteristic of a more serious condition. If what is experienced by the child seems severe or protracted, especially if it disturbs him when he is at school or in other daily activities, there is also a panic attack, so it is predicted that the child will indeed suffer from separation anxiety disorder. Often, these events are related to the cause of separation from the father or mother, or the caretaker.

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