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What are the characteristics of excessive anxiety that need treatment?

 Anxiety problems include mental health problems related to excessive fear, fear, anxiety, worry or terror. Characteristics of fear of being too late if it is constant or very strong so that the sufferer always feels afraid, choked, tense, and always alert.

What are the characteristics of excessive anxiety that need treatment?

Anxiety problems are one of the most universal mental health problems. This condition affects people of various ages, including aged people, children and young people. There are many types of anxiety disorders, with different indications. However, they all have one thing in common: the anxiety comes on suddenly or gradually increases and lasts until the person begins to realize that they are not well.

Sometimes anxiety causes a sense of doom and fear that exists without an alibi. Generally, people with anxiety disorders do not know what causes their emotions, worries, and sensations. They are quite suffering with what happened to them.

Here's an example of the characteristic of fear of missing out: Liam is always in the care of his younger brother Sam. But whenever Sam is late from soccer practice, he gets so scared that he can't focus on his homework. Liam looks at his watch, scared and imagining the worst: images of a bus accident flash through his mind and he worries, without any special alibi, that Sam might get hurt or die. Only when Sam gets home safely can Liam finally relax.

It's natural to be afraid when things get stressful and complicated. However, if the anxiety becomes overwhelming, the patient spends a lot of time being afraid or nervous, or if the sufferer has trouble sleeping because of anxiety, then it is a characteristic of fear of being too late and is a sign of anxiety problems or problems.

Indeed, anxiety is a natural human response that affects the mind and body. It has a vital bottom function for survival purposes. Anxiety is an alarm system that is activated when people sense danger or threat. When the body and mind react to danger or threat, then people will feel the physical sensation of anxiety. Things such as rapid heartbeat and respiration, muscle tension, sweaty palms, stomach pain, or shaking in the chest, hands and feet.

The sensation is part of the body's "flight or fight" reaction. This condition is triggered due to an increase in the production of adrenaline and other chemicals that prepare the body to quickly escape from danger. It can appear in the form of mild indications but can also be extreme. The fight or flight reaction occurs suddenly when people feel a threat. A few seconds after that, the thinking part of the brain (the cortex) begins to process the mood after which it decides whether the threat is real.

Then if this is the case, the brain also then makes a decision on how to handle it. When the cortex sends a signal that there is no danger, the fight-or-flight response is disabled and the nervous system can relax. If the mind makes sense, it turns out that the threat will last long until the feeling of fear can continue, making the person always alert. Physical sensations, including rapid or shallow respiration, heart palpitations, muscle tension, and sweaty palms may also persist.

How to deal with the fear of missing out? If you suffer from mild anxiety, with difficulty sleeping and a nervous phase then relaxation can help you. Likewise with the practice of yoga, meditation, hypnosis or self-hypnosis, and do not miss a sport. All these activities are quite effective in combating physical stress and sleep problems. Certain herbs can also help restore mood and sleep for those who are afraid of missing out. The religious approach is no less powerful in overcoming this disturbing fear.

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