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What is Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

 What is Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children - Separation anxiety disorder or separation anxiety disorder is usually experienced by infants until the age of three years. This stage is natural during the growth period. Separation anxiety disorder can also be experienced by adults. What exactly is Separation Anxiety? Check out the following explanation.

What is Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children

Causes of Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety is a feeling of fear or anxiety that arises when a person is physically distant from an emotionally connected person. Generally experienced from the age of 6 months to three years. There is a feeling of anxiety when parting with a loved one. It's a normal stage. But indeed this child's age is quite vulnerable to anxiety because of being separated from close people in times of stress.

Separation anxiety disorder is different from normal detachment. Children with the disorder cannot think about anything other than the anxiety of separation. The children may have nightmares or physical symptoms that they experience regularly. They may not want to go to school or other places. Here are some things that cause separation anxiety disorder in children:

• Changes in the Surrounding Environment: when children experience moving house or moving to a new school, they may become unfamiliar with the new environment. These factors can stimulate the emergence of separation anxiety disorder.

• Stress Due to Certain Situations: in certain situations, children can become stressed and then depressed. For example, when a child has to participate, his parents move out of town which makes him have to move to a new school. In addition, divorced parents or the death of a close relative can trigger stress in children which causes separation anxiety disorder.

• Overprotective Parents: parents certainly want to protect their children at all times. However, such overprotective steps can actually lead to feelings of anxiety and excessive fear. When you worry too much about your child, your child can also experience the same situation when they have to separate from their parents.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety Disorder

Parents actually need not worry, because the condition can still be cured. Use the support of a doctor or therapist, or the parents themselves. There are various ways that can be run in dealing with separation anxiety disorder in children, namely:

• Discuss children's fears: parents must be good listeners to their children. It's good for parents not to underestimate the fear experienced by children, but respect the condition. So, children will feel valued and not underestimated. This step can contribute to providing important emotional support. In addition, try to discuss with the child about the fear he is experiencing. Parents must have empathy for their children, so that children do not feel alone in dealing with unpleasant situations.


• Anticipate problems that may occur when separating from children: after repeatedly handling children when they are affected by separation anxiety disorder, parents must have anticipatory steps for problems that may occur. For example, when you are going to take your child to a new school, first choose who will accompany you. If the child is more difficult to separate from his father, the mother must take him to the new school.

The most important of the separation anxiety disorder situation is the role of parents who must be more supportive of the child through the anxiety period.

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