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5 Substances or Drugs Included in the Narcotics Group

 If asked to say the 5 substances or drugs listed in the narcotics community, the majority of people might not want to be in trouble. Some of the well-known such as marijuana, ecstasy, LSD, amphetamines or heroin. Some are of plant origin and others are synthetic or made from chemicals. Many are a combination of natural and synthetic.

5 Substances or Drugs Included in the Narcotics Group

Drugs are psychoactive substances, which means they can change the way users think, feel, and behave. The effects on mental health are unpredictable and there is a high risk of addiction. Surely

Substances or drugs listed in the narcotics group can cause anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and even psychotic illness. Many are stimulants that prevent users from sleeping and subsequently cause fatigue and mental stress.


Cannabis is a natural plant that is used in 3 main methods. The most common type is called resin, which comes in the form of black colored solid blocks or lumps. What is not universal are the leaves and stems of plants. The third type, cannabis oil but this is not often encountered. Cannabis leaves are usually rolled in tobacco and then smoked like a cigarette.

The effects of marijuana make users feel relaxed, talkative and happy. There are users who feel that time seems to slow down. Users can feel an excessive appetite or intense hunger. Side effects of marijuana can affect memory and concentration and can make users feel tired and unmotivated. If you are not familiar with marijuana or use a stronger type than usual, users may face anxiety, panic, or indecision. Or face delusions or hallucinations.

Many people think of marijuana as a drug that is quite comfortable. However, research shows that long-term users may have difficulty regulating drug use and may become addicted. Smoking marijuana increases the risk of heart disease and cancer, such as lung cancer, and can affect fertility. In people with underlying mental health problems, marijuana can induce schizophrenia.


Ecstasy is often made in illegal laboratories in various countries. Usually sold in the form of tablets that have various logos or designs drawn on them. Sometimes ecstasy capsules can contain drugs as well as other substances. Ecstasy can make the user feel more aware of the surrounding area. Users feel happy and calm. The user has more energy, which makes it possible to dance for a long time without feeling tired. Side effects of ecstasy are generally body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate will increase. Other physical effects include muscle soreness, nausea, clenching the jaw, and grinding teeth. Users may also face excessive sweating, tremors, palpitations, loss of body fluids, confusion, and fatigue.


Heroin is made from morphine, a drug derived from the opium poppy. Eaten by injecting or smoking a kind of cigarette. Injecting heroin creates a flash of excitement accompanied by a dreamlike sense of peace. Users feel loving, relaxed and sleepy. Side effects of heroin include hemorrhoids and shortness of breath. However, most of the dangers of heroin come from overdose or injecting the drug. When injected. AIDS and hepatitis B and C can be spread by sharing needles. Frequent use of heroin can be addictive.


Cocaine is a white powder made from the leaves of coca, a plant that grows mainly in South America. Generally eaten by sucking powder through the nose. Crack is not a different drug, but a more addictive form of cocaine. Crack, also called rock, stone or free base is usually smoked. Cocaine is sometimes injected or eaten.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that will make the user feel more alert and active while reducing hunger and thirst. The effect can last up to 20 minutes after eating. Because of its strong effect, cocaine users often want to consume more. Large doses can make the user feel tired, frightened, mentally stressed, and sometimes violent. Smoking cocaine can cause permanent damage to the inside of the nose, irritate the heart and lungs and cause death.


The drugs listed in the narcotics group are a group of stimulant drugs; Some were used in the past as slimming capsules. This type of drug generally exists in a grayish white powder. Amphetamines are generally swallowed, but can also be injected or inhaled. The type known as Ice or crystal can be sucked in. Small doses by mouth make the user feel more alert and active.

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