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7 Dangers of Alcohol for Health

 Revealing the Health Hazards Behind Mixture Alcohol

Mixture liquor (alcohol) is widely sold in Indonesia. Not a few that cause health problems, even to the point of taking lives.

The dangers of adulterated alcohol are serious and can lead to death. Because, mixed alcohol often contains methanol, which is a type of alcohol that is more dangerous and toxic to the body, especially if mixed with other compounds.

7 Dangers of Alcohol for Health

What are the dangers of bootleg liquor? Check out the presentation below:


Alcohol poisoning is the most common condition caused by the consumption of bootleg liquor. This situation can interfere with the work of the respiratory system, heart rate, body temperature, and nerves.

If the dangers of this mixed alcohol are not immediately addressed, people who experience it are at high risk of death.

Blood Acid Base Disorder

Mixture alcohol can cause blood acid-base disorders. In the medical world, this disorder is known as metabolic acidosis.

Acid-base disorders of the blood also affect the mechanism of regulating the balance of the respiratory system and kidney function, disorders of the cardiovascular system, and disorders of the function of the central nervous system.

Respiratory disorders

People who drink Mixture can experience respiratory problems. He will complain of slowed breathing and shortness of breath.

In more advanced stages, the person may experience respiratory and cardiac arrest. This emergency condition can lead to death.

Visual Impairment

Mixture liquor contains methanol compounds. These compounds have a toxic effect on the nerves of the eye.

People who often consume alcohol and Mixture are at high risk for eye problems, as if their vision is blocked by a black curtain. This disorder is very difficult to treat, it can even be permanent.


Acute pancreatitis is inflammation that occurs within the pancreas. One of the causes of acute pancreatitis is the consumption of alcoholic beverages, including bootleg liquor.

People who experience acute pancreatitis will experience complaints of severe pain in the upper abdomen. If this condition is not treated immediately, the disease will progress and risk complications from permanent pancreatic tissue damage.


Alcohol content in bootleg liquor can damage liver cells permanently. This situation can trigger hepatitis.

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is scar tissue that forms on the liver as a result of long-term damage. One of the causes of liver cirrhosis is the consumption of alcohol, including bootleg alcohol.

Liver cirrhosis that is not treated immediately can cause permanent damage to the liver. In the end, the patient will experience liver failure and death.

Hepatitis can cause various disorders in body functions, especially those related to the metabolic system.

Take care of your health and stay away from mixed alcohol or excessive alcohol consumption. The dangers of adulterated alcohol above are very detrimental to health and life threatening.

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