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Causes of Swollen Cat's Feet and How to Treat It

Causes of Swollen Cat's Feet and How to Treat It. If one of the cat's paws looks bigger, it could be a sign of swelling. Find out what causes swollen cat feet and how to fix them here.

Has your pet cat ever meowed with a painful intonation? If so, try checking the legs. It could be that the cat's feet are swollen due to something.

An enlarged or swollen cat's paw can be seen when it is larger than the other paws. In addition, other signs of swollen cat feet include limping, weakness, and frequent licking of the legs.

Why is the cat's paw suddenly swollen? Come on, find out more below and how to treat it!

Causes of Swollen Cat's Feet

There are many factors why a cat's feet become enlarged and swollen, including:

1. Insect Bites and Stings

Not infrequently, cats like to catch insects and bees. Bee stings and insect bites that attack a cat's paws can cause them to swell.

In addition, spider and scorpion bites can also cause cat paws to enlarge. This condition can be painful and lead to serious infections, even at risk of causing tissue death in the infected area.

2. Impaled by a Foreign Body

The next cause of swollen cat feet is a foreign object stuck between the toes. Examples of objects that can cause swelling include thorns and small glass shards.

Try to remove it slowly with tweezers. Later, this leg swelling will generally improve in 1 or 2 days.

3. Bruises on the Feet

This type of injury can also cause damage to the soft tissue of the paw, the fleshy area, or the pads of the cat's paw. Usually, bruising on a cat's paw can be caused by stepping on a sharp object or getting caught in another cat's teeth and nails.

When experiencing these wounds, the cat's feet can become swollen, infected, and even festering. If the leg feels hot, it could be a sign of infection, abscess, or inflammation, requiring veterinary care.

4. Sprains and Dislocations

If your cat is very active and likes to jump, sometimes complaints such as sprains, fractures, or dislocations that make the legs swollen can occur.

Cat feet can also experience bruises and fractures from accidentally stepping on them. So, be careful when you are around your cat or taking him for a walk!

5. Nail Growth

Like humans, cat's long nails can get caught in foreign objects, break, and become infected. Anything wrapped around the fingernails can also cause arthritis in a cat's finger.

However, that doesn't mean you cut your cat's nails too short to prevent it. Cutting too short can also lead to infection.

6. Pododermatitis

According to The Canadian Veterinary Journal, pododermatitis or inflammation of the cat's paw skin is a drastic swelling condition that is usually called pillow paw.

This enlarged cat's paw condition can be caused by an aggressive inflammatory (inflammation) reaction. Causes include poor care, bacterial infections, and allergies.

The condition can affect several tissues including the nails, which makes the cat's paws swollen. In addition, immune disorders can also be a cause of swollen and enlarged cat's feet.

7. Cancer

Did you know, cancer can also be experienced by cats in various parts of their bodies, including at the base of the nails or toes. This disease can cause swelling of the entire leg area.

Generally, most cat paw cancers are caused by metastasis or spread of cancer cells from other parts of the body, especially the lungs.

In addition to swollen feet, usually cats will also show other symptoms, such as decreased appetite, frequent licking of their paws, limping, and infrequent activity.

How to Overcome Swollen Cat's Feet

How to treat swollen cat paws? Fortunately, this can be overcome in various ways and can be adjusted according to the cause.

Here are some ways to treat swollen cat feet that you can do:

Check the cat's paws for foreign bodies, cuts, or nails that are too long

Take a foreign object (if any) and clean the wound

Take the cat to the vet immediately

Later, the vet will conduct an examination. Then, you need to take special care to support the healing of swollen cat feet, including:

Cut nails that are too long, don't make them too short

Prevent the cat's paw from being touched by foreign objects

Wash your cat's paws regularly

Give antibiotics for wounds and abscesses as recommended by the veterinarian

Use a splint if there is a fracture

Make sure you follow your vet's instructions carefully. Don't hesitate to consult if you are confused or in doubt, OK!

Do not give drugs or ointments commonly used by humans. This action may be dangerous for the cat's health.

Equally important, prevent swollen cat feet by ensuring the environment at home or playground is safe, grooming and trimming cat nails, and regularly checking the cat's health.

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