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Drug addiction can damage harmonious relationships in the family

Drug addiction can damage harmonious relationships in the family. Drug addiction can damage harmonious relationships within the family, the bad impact of abuse can result in negative stigma that appears internally and externally to the individual.


Therefore, drug addiction cannot be taken lightly, things like this must be stopped immediately. If this continues, it will have long-lasting effects on the physical and mental health of its users.

This long effect can cause individuals to experience death to commit criminal acts that can endanger others. The effects of drug addiction are terrible, before trying to think about the effects you will experience!.

What is Drug Addiction

Addiction or dependence is a condition of consuming illegal or legal drugs in excess and continuously. This can be fatal, because it causes short and long side effects from the drugs they take.

Meanwhile, drug addiction is a condition where a person cannot control the use of drugs and can cause harmful effects from the addictive substances they consume. This substance will damage the body and health of drug abuse victims.

Drug addiction creates a very strong desire to consume, our thoughts just want to continue using these illegal drugs to satisfy our lust.

If you experience drug addiction problems, immediately consult Ashefa Griya Pusaka to get the right treatment.

Dangers of Drug Abuse

Every year people who abuse drugs are very many and continue to grow, as if the circulation of these illicit goods will never end.


Though the side effects of drugs can cause even more dangerous risks. The dangers of drug abuse can be assessed from various aspects, ranging from individuals to their effects on society.

Drug abuse can cause:

The dangers of drug abuse can cause serious side effects for victims of abuse, ranging from unstable consciousness, lack of fluids in the body to cause death.


A person will experience changes in consciousness or hallucinations, the effects of drug abuse are very dangerous. Activities become disturbed, difficult to follow lessons and not focus to concentrate.

These effects usually appear after a few hours, after the person consumes illegal drugs such as drugs.

Individuals will find it difficult to make the right decisions and only care about their lust.


Dehydration is a condition where the body lacks fluids, fluid consumption is increasing and insufficient. Unbalance of sugar and salt in the body and causes its function to not work properly.

Drug addiction can also cause dehydration, putting the individual at risk for panic attacks and convulsions.


The most fatal impact of drugs can cause loss of life. The use of high doses makes the body convulsions and results in death.

Excessive drug use and lack of awareness to recover for a better life is a very dangerous condition. Continuing to use addictive substances will pump our bodies to work optimally, the effects of these drugs will eat away at our bodies until they can no longer function properly. Like a machine that is forced to continue to work 24 hours without stopping, over time it will die at any time.

Drug abuse can be very dangerous, giving effects that are temporarily disproportionate to what you will get in the future. Stop using drugs and live a better life is the best solution you can take from now on.

Drug Addiction Can Damage Family Relationships

The bad effects of drug use can damage family relationships. Due to uncontrolled emotions, shame that is borne by family members to other internal problems can affect the relationship in it.

Helping family members to recover from drug addiction is very important. Drug abuse can be very dangerous if left unchecked. Try to ask for help from a drug rehabilitation center to solve the problems you are experiencing. For example, such as Ashefa Griya Pusaka, proper handling and professional staff can help you get out of the dangers of drug abuse.

If this continues, it will result in various fatal things in the family, for example:

1. Stealing money in the family or belonging to others

2. Doing fraud

3. Selling valuables to buy drugs

4. Threatening the safety of other family members

5. Uncontrolled emotions, make the house hotter

6. Worrying family members

7. Loss of harmony in the family

If there are family members such as children, husband, wife, nephews or anyone else in it. Immediately ask for help from a leading, trusted drug rehabilitation center such as Ashefa Griya Pusaka.

Make sure you get the right and appropriate rehabilitation program, your choices determine your recovery.


Drug addiction can cause harm to individuals, can damage physical and mental health. Before it's too late, take remedial action, to help you live a better life. Drug abuse can have bad effects on life, one example can damage family relationships.

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