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Drug Prevention Efforts So Children Don't Get Fallen

 Drug Prevention Efforts So Children Don't Get Fallen. What are drug prevention efforts? Efforts that must be made in preventing drug abuse in children and adolescents are starting from the home environment. There are various ways and strategies that can be done to keep children away from drug abuse, for example, parents start with strict and firm regulations, teach about the dangers of drugs, to get acquainted with their children's friends in their environment.

As we know, drug abuse among teenagers is increasingly troubling. Drug abuse can endanger the health and future of teenagers. As a parent, it is your duty to prevent drug abuse, so that your child does not become a victim. Well, here's how to prevent drugs so that children don't fall for it.

Drug Prevention Efforts in Adolescents

Reporting from the Sehatq page, there are several factors that teenagers consume drugs such as having experienced victims of violence, mental disorders, impulsiveness, to low self-confidence. If the problem is like this, what is an effective Drug Prevention Effort?

Well, here the role of parents is needed to help children avoid drug abuse. Therefore, parents must know the dangers of drugs and prevention efforts as early as possible.

1. Discuss the dangers of drugs in children

Efforts to prevent drug use can start from providing knowledge about the dangers of drugs to children. If you don't know about how to prevent drugs. Start by establishing good communication with children. The existence of good communication can make it easier for parents to discuss openly with their children. For example, by discussing the dangers of using drugs as a way to avoid drugs in life.

Then, also tell the child if drugs can have a bad impact on the health and future of the child. Thus, children can be aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

2. Teach children to say “No” to drugs

Sometimes, teenagers can fall into abusing drugs due to pressure from their peers or their friends. By trying drugs, children feel they can mingle with their playmates. The dangers of drugs for students, will always lurk. Therefore, parents need to teach their children to refuse drugs.

If this problem occurs, efforts must be made to prevent drugs in teenagers, parents can tell children to stay away from friends who like to take drugs. Teach also to dare to say 'No'. Then, ask the child to stay away and find friends who can bring a good influence in his life.

3. Share ways to deal with the pressures of life's problems

It is possible that children feel stressed and depressed due to life's problems so they try to take illegal drugs as a way of escape. However, drugs can only make children's lives and futures more bleak. Tell children various ways to deal with life's pressures through more positive ways as drug prevention, for example, support for positive and influential activities such as developing hobbies, creating work, reading books and others.

4. Overcome mental disorders that cause children to fall into drugs

Prevention of drug abuse in children is the first step by overcoming mental disorders that cause children to take drugs. Mental disorders can be a factor in children taking drugs. The most effective way is to overcome the mental disorders he suffers. Help your child to go to a psychologist to get the right treatment from an expert.

5. Create strict and firm regulations

One form of effective drug abuse prevention is to create strict and firm rules for children. For example, prohibiting children from going to events that are prone to drug abuse, prohibiting children from traveling with people who are under the influence of drugs. If children violate it, then make strict punishments to deter them. The absence of clear rules, can be the cause of promiscuity. This is where the dangers of drug abuse are increasingly vulnerable for children.

6. Get acquainted with his playmates

Try to get acquainted with his playmates. This method can help you to find out whether your child is in a bad environment or not.

7. Give children praise and support

When the child has managed to stay away from friends who use drugs, then you as a parent must give praise, because the child will feel appreciated for his efforts. Praise and support can strengthen the relationship between children and parents and can help children avoid drug abuse. So that children are motivated not to take drugs.

8. Knowing children's activities outside the home.

How to prevent children from taking drugs can be done by knowing what to do when outside the home. Finding out where children often play when with their friends, always active to contact children when outside the house. This method can be an effort in drug prevention.

Causes of Drug Abuse in Teenagers

Reporting from the Mayo Clinic, there are several factors that trigger drug abuse in teenagers, including:

  • There is a family history of previous drug abuse.
  • Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Have risk-taking behavior
  • Having a sense of trauma with an event that has been experienced, for example being a victim of violence, an accident.
  • Inferiority
  • Feeling isolated or rejected in social circles.

In addition to the factors that have been mentioned, the ease of obtaining drugs is one of the reasons why teenagers abuse drugs. Consuming drugs continuously can occur because of the feeling of wanting to be accepted in the social environment. As a parent, it is important to be aware that teenagers may not be able to think about the consequences of what they have done. Therefore, the role of parents is very important to prevent and overcome this problem.

Thus efforts to prevent drugs in children so as not to fall into drugs. If you know your child is taking drugs, then immediately consult a doctor or psychiatrist at a drug rehabilitation center. A drug rehabilitation place that you can visit or consult directly at Ashefa Griya Pusaka. Hopefully the problem can be resolved properly, prevention is better than cure.

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