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Drugs that come from plants

Drugs that come from plants, drugs are substances that come from nature (plants) or synthetics, which are used by a person to obtain certain sensations. Consuming these illegal drugs if often can cause serious damage to the physical and mental health of the user. Drugs derived from plants are marijuana, heroin, and cocaine.

Drugs that come from plants


Cannabis sativa is grown to produce textile fibers and oil-rich seeds. But the indica cannabis variety is known for producing cannabis leaves and the inflorescence sap of a plant called hashish. Some time after using it with smoking methods will usually face a state of euphoria that can lead to a state of half-decision. A state of calm which is then accompanied by sleep.

True physical dependence is generally not present, but marijuana can produce psychological dependence because of the pleasurable sensations it creates. If in small quantities the consumption of marijuana will create euphoria, the use of larger amounts can cause distorted perceptions and cause psychosis.


Opium poppy is a type of plant that provides raw materials for the production of morphine and heroin. This drug-producing plant is commonly grown in India, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand. Opium latex is raw opium which is then processed into bottom morphine. Latex comes from the immature Papaver Somniferum fruit by slicing or squeezing.

Morphine is the main derivative of opium. Morphine is a kind of white powder. At very low doses it has an analgesic effect accompanied by a euphoric state due to mental stress in the cerebral cortex, and increases the desire to sleep. Larger doses can cause vomiting, sleep coma, and severe respiratory problems, leading to death from respiratory paralysis.

Periods of euphoria, signaled by loss of pain, are accompanied by periods in which there is weight loss, lack of appetite, tremors, reduced resistance to inflammation, etc. The conclusion in the third period will lead to very serious things that can end in death. Morphine is used for medicinal purposes exclusively to relieve severe pain due to a serious illness, which cannot be exchanged for other drugs. Morphine addicts usually will continue to use it at doses that continue to be large and will suffer from withdrawal if the consumption is stopped immediately.

Heroin is a derivative of morphine. It occurs in various forms: white or brownish powder. Its use can be inhaled through the nose, inhaled, but is usually injected subcutaneously or into a vein. Heroin has an immediate effect of feeling happy and euphoric but after that comes anxiety, mental stress, and pain in the body.

Heroin can produce very strong physical and psychological dependence. Heroin tolerance is very large, it is necessary to increase the quantity and frequency of doses to get the same sensation. create a lot of damage to the body, limit the production of sex hormones, reduce respiratory activity, indirectly cause inflammation such as viral hepatitis, tetanus, AIDS, because of the exchange of needles. Missing doses can lead to coma and death from respiratory collapse.


Cocaine is extracted from the dried coca leaves that grow in the mountainous regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The method of consuming cocaine is by chewing the leaves or by inhaling it. The effect on the user's body is very risky. Mental effects can take the form of: euphoria, tactile hallucinations and even schizophrenia. Indications called cocainism can occur because of the resulting psychological effects. Not only that, routine sniffing cocaine can cause nasal septal perforation.

Another drug derived from plants is Crack. This is a natural extract of the Coca plant, in the form of a paste that can be used alone, smoked with a pipe, or mixed with tobacco and smoked like a regular cigarette. Cracks are often fortified with other substances, most notably heroin. Crack has a quick effect on the brain, causing a sense of euphoria and intense feelings of happiness. Causes physical and psychological addiction that flashes. The effects on the body include: emotional instability, hallucinations, mental stress, weight loss, changes in heart rhythm, and hypertension. Further use can cause respiratory paralysis, seizures, psychosis and suicidal tendencies.

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