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How to Overcome Gadget Addiction in Children

 Our children are born in the world of technology. Therefore, we are not surprised that most of them have access to gadgets much earlier than they start reading or writing. At this time many children are addicted to gadgets. Not always bad but not all good either. How to overcome gadget addiction in children?

Gadget Addiction Facts in Children

There are several facts that show that today's children are very familiar with gadgets. Even to the point of addiction. Here are some facts that support the assumption that children are addicted to gadgets:

• Children spend most of their free time in front of a computer, tablet or cell phone

• Communicate less in person, and more virtually

• The most severe punishment that can be applied when they are guilty of something is asking for their gadget.

• Children always have at least one gadget that keeps them busy even when talking to their parents.

Is addiction to technology and gadgets always bad? Are children Information Technology users with great potential for a successful future? Of course, not all children can and will continue to work towards a successful IT career. Therefore, before making a conclusion that children are addicted to gadgets, it is important to properly assess their behavior and potential:

• What kind of information are they looking for on the Internet?

• What are their hobbies apart from using technology?

• In what subjects do they communicate with their friends?

• What special abilities are found in children?

• What subjects stand out in school?

These are just some of the important questions that we must ask ourselves as parents in order to properly understand the potential of our children and to be able to direct them towards a successful future.

How to Overcome Gadget Addiction in Children

Dependence on technology can be beneficial if felt right when children develop IT skills that are really useful for the future. If your child is identified in at least one of the following profiles:

Creative Addiction: If your child spends a lot of time searching for, filing, or sharing texts, videos, and some special images that are creative, abstract, theatrical, or futuristic, he has a talent for drawing, processing, modeling, etc., and he does it. happy, then your child has many opportunities to have creative skills, and should be supported in the development of IT skills, which will unexpectedly come in handy for him in the future.

Solution : Enroll your child in a training course that will provide training in the creative digital field, direct them to an educational program where they will have the opportunity to interact with useful information and communicate with many other children with similar interests. His future may be to become an expert in the field of digital charts - an area that will offer real long-term opportunities for a successful career.

Addiction Exists in Virtual World : is when your child enjoys watching and making videos that he often uploads in virtual environment, is excited to write about them and likes to be noticed.

Solution : Help him find and participate together in various educational events and programs dedicated to children who love virtual communication. In this way, he will be able to focus his attention on activities that are truly relevant for the future and turn risky and inexperienced virtual communication efforts into constructive participation.

Technological Innovation Addiction: when children love science fiction films, theories about the future evolution of technology, robots, revolutionary applications, and space travel.

Solution: help him understand that he can be a part of technological developments, mastering new, amazing and useful knowledge at the same time. Studying robotics in a game format, in an educational environment that is well designed for children his age, can be a solution to make the most of free time.

Virtual Game Addiction: child spends most of his time in front of computer or mobile phone, playing, often talking about graphics, strategy, history, novelty and complexities of game controls, exchanging impressions with friends on similar topics and knowing the latest innovation trends emerging in the market.

Solution: Suggest him a programming field, where he will discover his game world and possibly become the creator of his own virtual game. Start taking small steps in this direction with him: participating together in events dedicated to children in the field.

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