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Know, Is Bipolar Dangerous

 Bipolar disorder is an affective disorder characterized by extreme mood swings. Characterized by several symptoms such as lethargy, hopelessness, sadness, isolation alternating with excitement. That's why the term Bipolar disorder or insanity is used in a double form. Is bipolar dangerous for sufferers and others?

Feeling Super

Bipolar disorder can reach a chronic stage, but it can be managed with proper care and support from loved ones. Without proper treatment, sufferers can easily get out of control. Sufferers can quickly lead to behaviors that are destructive and harmful to them and those around them.

In bipolar disorder known as the manic period. Some people describe a manic condition as a belief that sufferers are indestructible and can do whatever they want. Like a child who thinks he has super powers and jumps off a building, confident that he will fly. Because of this, people with bipolar disorder can put themselves and others at risk. He has high confidence that he can do anything. In addition, manic episodes represent a disconnect from reality. Lack of awareness of the consequences of his actions and is also characterized by impulsiveness and difficulty in self-regulation.

A manic episode lasts at least one week; where there is overflowing energy and irritability and hostility towards others. It is a step towards violence, especially if those around them try to prevent the sufferer from doing what he or she wants. People with bipolar disorder also become very impulsive and with a tendency to act before thinking. So it was much more difficult for him to control his violent outburst. Especially against the background of psychomotor agitation characteristic of mania.

Hurting Yourself

Self-destructive behavior is more common than violent behavior directed at others. This could be self-injury by scratching with a sharp object or a suicide attempt. Also engaging in dangerous behavior such as unprotected sex with strangers; drunk driving; cross the street without caring right or left; or swim in an unsafe place. In combination with the impulsive nature of bipolar sufferers can behave very problematically. From theft, driving over the speed limit, speaking obscene words in public or disturbing public order. There is an endless list of illegal activities that people with bipolar disorder can engage in in this manic period.

Possibility of committing suicide

Suicide is by far the greatest danger to people with bipolar disorder. They have a very high risk of suicide. This is one of the greatest risks of death. Some studies estimate that between 25% and 60% of people with bipolar disorder have attempted suicide at least once. And between 4% to 19% managed to end their life. Suicide was a common hazard in the two episodes, although the causes were different.

If in mania, self-harm and suicide are more of a consequence of impulsive and irresponsible behavior; in depression, they appear as a result of sadness; lack of hope and desire to live.

It is especially important for loved ones of people with bipolar disorder to monitor self-injury (signs of cuts, burns, bruises) or suicidal behavior (statements such as "I don't want to live anymore"; "Life has no purpose" ; I have no future; planning death by writing a will or farewell letter.

Physical Degradation

Mental degradation brings with it physical degradation. During periods of depression, whether it occurs in people with bipolar disorder or in people with depression, it is very common to have a high degree of neglect of personal hygiene and care. This happens as a result of a lack of energy and motivation to do anything.

Depressed people often can't get out of bed and feel that even the smallest action is a challenge they can't get rid of. Moreover, their lack of hygiene makes them feel ashamed and incapable, which further sinks them into a seemingly never-ending depression.

Therefore if we know someone in the situation, we can offer to help them. But be careful not to disturb and make them feel insulted.

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