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Liquor is a drink that contains alcohol, this is the damaging effect

 Liquor has been a part of people's lives since ancient times. Liquor is a drink that contains alcohol in various percentages. Liquor usually has an alcohol content of between 17 and 40 percent. Basically, liquor is a fruit-based drink, but there are other varieties with added cocoa, chocolate, eggs, etc.

It is said that the monks from the Middle Ages, namely the 12th-13th centuries, used liquor. It is true that all kinds of liquor were made in monasteries, mostly used as medicine. The ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and Indians understood the distillation process and used it to make perfumes and alcohol. From alcohol to making liquor, there is only one step left, namely by mixing it with fruit syrup, fruits which of course have been known and consumed since ancient times.

How to Make Liquor

There are basically two main ways to make liquor. Direct distillation is the first option which involves the direct extraction of alcohol from the fermented fruit mixture. It's also possible to add fruit syrup afterwards, from the same fruit of course. There are many types of liquor prepared in this way which are usually liquors with a strong alcohol content.

The second method involves mixing concentrated alcohol with fruit syrup or something else (chocolate, eggs). So that alcohol does not give a different taste to fruit syrup, the taste must be neutral, that is, it does not have a strong taste or aroma. Vodka is one of the liquors made by this method. Vodka is also most often used in making cocktails. Brandy can also be used, but with extreme care, e.g. cherry brandy for cherry liqueur or apricot brandy for apricot liqueur, etc.

Various drinks, such as whiskey, are also made through this process. This is the method used to prepare homemade liquor, as everyone can try their own liquor recipe. With a little knowledge of high school math and basic chemistry, you can calculate the desired alcohol concentration. For example, with one liter of 40 percent vodka and one liter of fruit syrup (zero alcohol content), you'd get two liters of 20 percent liquor.

As already mentioned that liquor has an alcohol content of between 17 and 40 percent. The following is a classification of liquor in terms of the alcohol content it contains. Liquor that has between 17 and 25 percent is soft liquor or dessert drinks. While liquor that has between 25 and 40 percent is called liquor in general.

Dangers of Alcohol

Today, liquor is produced all over the world and is often served plain or with ice, with coffee, in cocktails or used in cooking. In some countries or regions, a small glass of liquor is drunk before a meal, and in others only after a meal. This is said to be said to help the digestive process. Some liquors are drunk at room temperature, while others are drunk only when cold or with ice cubes. Cocktails can also be made from liquor, according to various recipes.

Consumption of large amounts of alcohol for a long time and excessive consumption for a short time has many harmful effects on health. Alcohol is toxic to body cells, especially when the recommended consumption limit is exceeded. Alcohol is the most common cause of chronic liver disease. Liver diseases caused by alcohol abuse include fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. Cirrhosis, which is an irreversible form of liver disease, occurs in nearly 30% of heavy alcohol consumers.

Of course there are many other terrible effects of drinking alcohol, such as brain damage. A special form of brain damage that develops as a result of alcohol consumption is Korsakoff's syndrome, which is characterized by persistent memory and learning problems, caused by a vitamin B1 deficiency.

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