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Online Game Addiction and How To Overcome It!

 Online Game Addiction and How To Overcome It!. Lately online gaming has become a difficult thing to stop. Even though playing games for a long time can be very dangerous for the human body. This time we will discuss the dangers of online game addiction in full.


People who play games for a long time can be categorized as addicts. What's more, he can't stop this activity all day long. The addictive effects of online game addiction can have an impact on physical and mental conditions.

In some cases, people who are addicted to online games will usually experience difficulty sleeping, often feel tired, stiff neck and muscles, and affect the body's metabolic system.

People who are addicted to online games, will prioritize playing games. So that he will forget his main activities such as eating, studying, worshiping and others.

Drug Rehabilitation

If this continues, it will be dangerous for health and development in the social environment.

In addition, addiction to playing games can make a person experience dehydration, obesity or vice versa, and experience heart disease. Playing online games excessively can also create huge economic losses. Online game addicts will more often do "top-up" activities to spend money to play games.

How can online games lead to addiction?

Online Game Addiction and How To Overcome It!

Playing online games can now be done via mobile phones or computers, using an internet connection. Many people like to play games, to pass the time or relieve stress in their lives. However, there are also those who end up getting addicted to online games. So what causes someone to become addicted to online games? Let's read this discussion to find out the answer!

Playing games can make a person experience excessive passion or satisfaction. For example, when he wins the game with the best score, of course that person will feel happy. However, please note that this condition can trigger the hormone dopamine to increase. This hormone can later maintain interest in something.

In the end, this hormone triggers the person, to play the game continuously. The hormone dopamine can also increase when a person consumes alcohol or illegal drugs. This excessive release of the hormone dopamine can trigger a person to experience increasingly severe addiction.

How to See Someone Has an Online Game Addiction Problem?

In this very modern era, everyone must have played the game. Then how to distinguish someone who has problems with online game addiction, from people who just play? Here's the explanation.

Playing online games wisely can indeed bring good things, such as reducing stress levels in someone. However, if used excessively it will bring bad things. The bad effect of playing games too often is addiction. This is one of the things that can cause problems in mental disorders.

In addition, people who have symptoms of online game addiction usually have played for 1 year or more. The following are signs of people who have problems with online game addiction, including:

  • Always want to play games, every day
  • Doing any way to access online games
  • Looks more stressed, moody, and angry when you can't play games
  • Spending time by playing games every day, without doing other activities
  • More often lie to parents for the sake of the game
  • Wasting a lot of money just to buy in-game items
  • His emotions are not controlled, he can even be rude to parents
  • The language used is dominantly dirty, rude and frontal

According to several studies, playing online games excessively will also cause stress and depression. Thus making the person more apathetic, making him violent or violent. Therefore, people who have problems with online gaming addiction need professional treatment.

How to overcome online game addiction?

Having a child with an online game addiction problem cannot be left alone. If left unchecked, it will even cause mental disorders that are even more dangerous. Then how to overcome online game addiction? Check out some of the tips below.

Don't play the game too long, try to start giving a time limit

One of the most important ways to prevent and overcome online game addiction is by limiting playing time.

Try to make a play schedule for only 1 hour per day. Give yourself or your child a time limit to get used to playing at a reasonable time.

In addition, don't forget to do your obligations first before playing the game. Get used to not leaving things that must be done first.

Reduce slowly, until you get used to it

If at first you can spend 15 hours playing the game. Try slowly reducing the playing time.

For example, helping parents with activities at home, playing outside with friends, or even walking for fresh air while exercising. Of course this will be much more useful and healthy, than you have to play games constantly.

Try to do this method consistently, until you can reach 1 hour per day to play the game. Besides being able to reduce the activity of playing games, it can also make your life more useful.

Looking for a new hobby that is more useful

Online game addiction is not an easy problem to stop. However, before it's too late, it's better to try to live better. Addiction to playing games in the future will even destroy your future. Therefore, let's start from now on to find a new hobby that is more useful.

Try to find other activities that interest you. For example, try playing a musical instrument, exercising, painting, reading books, and writing. Besides having a new hobby, this activity is much more productive than having to play games all the time.

This method can be done to overcome online game addiction. Avert your eyes, not to look at the computer or cell phone screen. In addition, physical activity such as exercise can keep you healthy and relieve stress.

Placing gaming devices outside the bedroom

Playing online games is generally done at night until the sun rises. This bad habit must be stopped immediately.

Before going to bed, try to put your cell phone, or other gaming device outside the bedroom. As a parent, never put the device in the child's room. If the child can easily access the device playing the game, of course this will be very dangerous.

He could have played for hours, until he did not remember the time. Although, parents already have a time limit. However, if the device is still inside, the child can secretly play without you knowing.

Strong intention to stop

The most important thing to stop playing online games is a strong will. Strong will is the most powerful weapon to cure any kind of addiction.

Basically, someone who wants to live a better life must have a better purpose for his life. Realizing that, there is still much more to do than play games. A strong will can be the main foundation so you can stop playing games again.

Make Settings every 5 Minutes to turn off the cellphone automatically

If you already have a strong intention, to stop playing the game completely. However, the limitations that have been made previously still do not work.

Try making settings every 5 minutes, to turn off the HP automatically. For example, when you pause while playing a game without any touch on the screen, the phone will automatically lock. Things like this, over time make you bored playing the game. Over time it could be the main factor that causes you to stop playing the game.

Consult a doctor

If the things I say are still not effective, address your game addiction problem. Try to see a doctor or psychologist. Ask for help from the experts, so you can get rid of addiction.

Undergoing psychotherapy or rehabilitation

In addition, you can also try to contact a psychiatrist, asking him to help with the problems you are currently facing. You may be recommended to join a psychotherapy or rehabilitation program.

One effort that can be done is by means of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Having a condition with online game addiction is one of the mental health problems that can happen to anyone. If left unchecked, it can damage physical, mental health conditions and affect the quality of life. For teenagers, of course, it will be very detrimental, especially it can reduce children's achievement in school.

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