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What Are the Disadvantages of Taking Drugs

What Are the Disadvantages of Taking Drugs - Drug addiction is one of the diseases of modern civilization. The consequences are diverse and affect the user, the immediate area, and all residents. Of course, it was the drug addicts who suffered the worst losses. What are the disadvantages of drug consumption?

Drug Addiction Phase

Drug addiction is an environmental phenomenon that is difficult to define clearly. This is not only a health problem, but also a social, family, and legal issue. Drug addiction is when a chemical is put into the body for a long time, causing physiological, mental and emotional responses when stopped. In other words, drug addiction is a mental and physiological phenomenon that is intertwined and dependent on one another.

The body's reaction to stopping consumption can vary. The most universal after that is the phenomenon known as drug addiction. After a long time using drugs on a regular basis, a person who stops using drugs feels compelled to return to using drugs, to get them by any means. The period of drug addiction is broken down into several phases.

• The first is initiation, which involves making contact with drugs at least once.

• The experimental phase occurs when a person decides to use a certain substance several times. Very often, the main motive for continuing to use drugs is a different curiosity: the desire to deepen the positive experiences that occur after taking drugs.

• The regular use phase is when a person uses drugs in a dangerous way, in large doses and in short intervals. At this stage, there are clear indications of the social utility of the addicted person. First of all, there are problems at work, in family ties, and financial problems.

• The addiction phase is the last. Users cannot independently make the decision to stop using certain substances. As a result of dropping out of drugs in this session, there are psychosomatic indications: feelings of fear, mental stress, bad mood, nervousness, soreness and pain


What Are the Disadvantages of Drug Consumption

Indications that are detrimental to drug consumption and after that experience addiction can vary between people, the type of substance used and the duration of use. Indications of drug addiction that are very universal include: changes in physical appearance (ignorance), red sclera, dilated or narrowed pupils, hyperactivity, permanent colds or other upper respiratory problems, negative mood, lack of will to live, mental stress, loss of appetite , weight loss, body fatigue, vein clots, decreased immunity, infertility, and decreased libido.

Long-term harm from drug use (for example, several years) can cause permanent changes in mental, emotional and social functioning. Mental illness can also arise such as character problems, changes in mood, mental stress, anxiety neurosis, psychosis. In addition, these drugs can interfere with the functioning of internal organs: the brain, heart, kidneys, and liver.

Drug Addiction Triggers

The most common triggers of drug addiction include character tendencies and peer influence. Some of the most universal alibis for using illicit substances include:

• Willingness to imitate.

• Peer influence and attitude style.

• Looking for extreme, unreal, unusual experiences.

• Looking for a way out of the problem.

• Character problems, mental deficits, emotional constraints.

• Decreased self-esteem, mental stress.

Treatment of drug addiction is very difficult and not always successful. This requires the full cooperation of the addicted person who consciously and voluntarily decides to end the consumption of certain substances with other parties, be it the government or private drug rehabilitation agencies.

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