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Why Drugs Are Often Abused, Here's The Reason

Why Drugs Are Often Abused, Here's The Reason - Drug abuse in Indonesia continues to exist. The users are not only old people, especially young people from various groups also use it. Why drugs are often abused and become addicted? In fact there are several things that make people tend to use drugs and become addicted.

Why Drugs Are Often Abused, Here's The Reason

Drug use continues to be a major public health problem in many countries. Policy makers at the highest levels experience a phenomenon that continues to be environmental, dynamic and multi-causal. Numerous studies conducted over the years have attempted to determine how drug abuse begins.

There is a primary identity of people who use drugs. Men are usually more susceptible to the use of illegal drugs and women tend to use drugs such as hypnosedatives or tranquilizers more often. Although none of the specific traits or traits causes addiction, it is possible to identify things that can make a person more prone to abuse and subsequently become addicted to drugs.

Low Dopamine Content in the Brain

The brain reward system found in the frontal lobe creates dopamine and a calming sensation in a pleasurable atmosphere in this case taking the drug first. Usually, people with lower levels of neurotransmitters can face drug addiction.

Having an Addicted Family Member

When there are people who are addicted in the family system, it is very possible for other family members to also abuse it. Other family members will imitate the attitude of consuming and also routinely using drugs as a shortcut method of overcoming the problems they are experiencing.

Low Tolerance To Frustration

In general, people who tolerate less suffering or failure (due to a lack of experience, a very high level of self-demand, or a lack of coping strategies) tend to be more prone to using drugs as a way to get away from discomfort over time.

Openness to Experience

People who are curious and have a prominent character aspect may be tempted to abuse drugs. (The need to try new experiences, feel the adrenaline, so people who dare to make them dare to try drugs with the alibi to seek pleasure that has never been experienced.

Feelings of Emptiness, Mental Pressure and Loneliness

Why drugs are often abused is also related to solutions to treat sleep problems, mental stress, low mood, loneliness and emptiness. In this case, the person tries to anesthetize the pain with the presence of drugs with a sedative effect. The presence of stress at work, or even during the adjustment period can also influence people to become interested in abusing drugs.

Low Self-Esteem

People with low self-esteem may feel that their emotional well-being is independent of themselves and seek temporary external encouragement. The very easy encouragement is with the consumption of drugs that can provide practical self-confidence. Trying once or twice is felt to be able to strengthen self-confidence towards other people so that in conclusion they also become addicted.

The drug users are actually aware that their actions are not good for their physical and mental health. But what energy, that strong urge from within to keep using trumps everything. Moreover, they often have the will to increase the dose of consumption so that the pleasant effects they experience do not decrease.

Why drugs are abused is also due to a strong curiosity to feel how the effects will be experienced. It generally occurs in young people who do have the soul to try new challenges. This is added by the influence of friends who have also used it and said that the effect was very exciting.

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