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Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists What's the Difference?

Do you know the difference between Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists? Until now, there are still many people who are confused and think the three are the same. Although, this profession has similar duties. However, there are significant differences.

Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists What's the Difference?

Psychotherapist Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Although different, the work is still related to mental health professionals. Until now, mental health issues are something that should not be ignored. The problem will be even more serious, if left alone.

Mental health problems that are already chronic (persistent/often recurrent), make our body respond more quickly physically to some diseases such as depression or anxiety. Mental health can also occur, due to physical conditions. Therefore, before it gets worse, immediately consult a Professional doctor.

Psychotherapists, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists

What is a Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is someone who opens a practice or performs therapy, to help with the problem of mental disorders. A psychotherapist usually uses tried-and-tested methods, and according to the principles of modern psychological science.

Drug Rehabilitation

Aiming to help people who have mental disorders problems can live even better. Problems that are often handled by psychotherapists include mind disorders, feeling problems, changing behavior, helping people change their personality, helping a person's self-development, and helping relationships with others.

A psychotherapist also helps with problems such as trauma, phobias, depression, stress, excessive anxiety, feeling mider towards oneself, hallucinations, sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive behaviors, and other psychologically bad habits.

Furthermore, these professionals will look for ways to solve mental problems that are being experienced by their clients. Helping a person to develop his own qualities, helping to be more confident, helping him grow up as he could make the right decisions for himself, and forming a better character than before.

What is a Psychologist

Psychologists are a form for someone who has studied psychology. Graduates of this psychology have certain standards that have already been endorsed by the institute of psychology.

A psychologist usually applies psychotherapeutic methods, to help the problem of mental health disorders. In addition, a psychologist usually uses methods based on the theories taught when he studied, while studying psychology in his studies. A psychologist, it is not allowed to prescribe medication.

What is a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is the right mental health Professional to meet when you have a mental health disorder problem.

This profession focuses on mental health issues, by providing counseling, psychotherapy and medicines that its patients need.

A person who wants to become a Psychiatrist, must take the PPDS (Special doctor education program) level in psychiatry or psychiatry for 8 semesters.

Psychiatrists have the clinical skills to diagnose, treat, treat and also prevent mental problems that may occur.

In addition, it also copes with someone who has a history of drug abuse or other harmful substances related to addiction. Also know the traits of people having to go to a psychiatrist.

Now that you have learned the difference between a Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Psychiatrist, immediately contact the nearest service to get the right and quick help.

Want to Be a Psychotherapist? Here are the Conditions!

Everyone today can become a Psychotherapist, however, special training is required to meet the following conditions:

  1. The person has a basic knowledge of the science of psychology and psychopathology. It is related to the mental processes that occur in humans. This knowledge can be obtained by attending lectures, courses, and also reading yourself.

  2. Can draw conclusions, regarding the condition of patients who have been examined before. To draw conclusions can not be careless, this knowledge is obtained from knowledge and experience. A psychiatrist, too, should be a careful listener. Not just listening, he must also understand the sentences implied when the patient speaks. Thus, he will get an idea of the patient's condition when interviewed.

  3. In addition, a psychotherapist must have good communication skills. This aims to help him establish familiarity, persuasiveness, be able to set an example, be empathetic, persuasive, give proper advice, can be entertaining, and have a fairly good interpersation. This is necessary, so that the patient can be more comfortable when talking to you.

  4. Skillfully uses techniques and methods, to deal with mental problems in his patients. In addition to having a fairly good knowledge, a psychotherapist must also be able to apply the knowledge correctly. Therefore, psychotherapeutic techniques are very important to help with mental problems, and this becomes a very important thing for psychotherapists.

  5. Have a good attitude and personality. A person who undergoes a psychotherapist practice, must have good mental health and have a strong character. Facing a mental disorder, it is not an easy thing. In addition to being strong, you must also be confident, objective (not taking anyone's side), flexible (sociable), and optimistic.

  6. Have a sense of deep pleasure, live the work. Do not make psychotherapy a demand of work, because this will only make you feel burdened. Therefore, a psychotherapist must have a sense of love and pleasure towards his work. This is so that the results are more totality in helping each patient.

  7. Do not forget to always learn new things, a psychotherapist should also always learn new things. Learning new things can help you gain broad insights, especially about human dynamics. Because of the knowledge gained when you were in college, of course, it is not enough. Learning new things can also make your knowledge better, especially when dealing with different mentally ill patients.

  8. More or less, that is the condition that a psychotherapist should have. Do not forget to also have the right and legality, to open psychotherapy services.

Mental health issues, should not be ignored. Mental health will get worse, if it doesn't get good enough treatment.

In addition, there are many causal factors that make a person experience mental health disorders. Before it gets late and gets worse, immediately contact a doctor for consultation regarding your problem.

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